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Business Need

Patient registration system for medical practices allowing patients to register for a particular medical service, get professional advice on-line in real-time mode. The system should also provide staff with tools to review and process patient data accordingly.

What We Did

Developed a system consisting of 4 parts:

  • iPad application: allows patients to fill the forms chosen by the staff member and browse the educational portal using webviews built into the app
  • Web-based RWD UI for staff: allows staff to see recent encounters along with initial patient data and status of an encounter, check filled forms, export them to PDF / CSV / etc. or transfer them for further processing
  • Educational portal for patients: shows personalized content (e.g., allows to read recent publications and have access to the content provided by affiliated publishers)
  • Server-side API for the iPad app: enables stuff to store, view, and process gathered data with access levels compliant with health care data security regulations.
  • Main system modules: centralized logging & deployment tools etc.
  • The server-side code (dashboard, educational portal, and server) was written using Django and Wordpress, with implemented RESTful API schemes and responsive HTML5


  • Django

  • HTML5


  • twitter-api

    Twitter API

  • Bootstrap logo


  • Less


  • ios


  • json api


  • WordPress

  • REST architectural style logo

    RESTful API


Interactive patients portal and data management system for medical practices

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