About Medreliance

Medreliance began as an idea from American ER doctor, Chali Mulenga, who had a vision to offer an easy-to-use job marketplace that matched healthcare employers with their ideal job candidates.

After some issues with communication and delivery with a previous developer team, Polcode resuscitated the project through a blend of bug fixes, UX redesign and optimized web development. We helped move Medreliance to a more efficient, secure cloud-based architecture, while also integrating new features, such as built-in payment providers, single-dashboard management, and a highly scalable code architecture.

Non-technical? No problem.

Trust and transparency go a long way when Polcode works with clients who aren’t coders or programmers. In order to champion innovators of all kinds, it’s our responsibility to create an experience that lets leaders manage the development of a digital product, without needing any sort of IT background.

While the technical details certainly matter for us as developers, establishing a great client experience is an equal priority. Our focus on great soft skills, timely project management, excellent communication and a trust-building approach allow us to work with any kind of client, even if they don’t have experience managing software projects. From the get-go, Medreliance and Polcode established the following collaboration goals:

  • Tightly controlled spending & costs
  • Great communication practices
  • Code quality with visible testing outcomes
  • Easy-to-understand, non-technical language
  • Establishing trust by delivering on agreed deadline
  • Transparency on all fronts: time, cost and deliverables

Digitally Transforming Healthcare Employment & Careers

While the US has many employment websites, not all of them operate in ways that are useful specifically to the healthcare industry. Lack of specialized features can make job searches time-consuming and difficult for applications. For healthcare employers, it can be difficult to find candidates and manage their personal contact details in a secure way.

Medreliance aims to solve these problems by offering an easy-to-use website specifically for healthcare employers. The digital jobs market is transforming the way healthcare professionals seek and hire skilled employees, representing a major opportunity for platforms like Medreliance to help them reach their ideal candidates.

Our goal was to help Medreliance achieve a number of goals through Polcode’s key services:

  • Analysis

    In order to fulfill Medreliance’s mission of transforming a piece of the American healthcare jobs market, we had to understand what was out there already, and how it worked (or didn’t work) for healthcare professionals. We conducted a review process to assess the digital landscape of healthcare jobs postings, as well as analysis of the US healthcare labor market.

  • Audit

    As we mentioned, this project came to us after another developer partner was unable to satisfy business requirements. The early stages involved auditing the existing platform, and then generating a roadmap for fixes and improvements—most importantly, we needed to address security gaps left by the previous developer.

  • Security Upgrades

    Operational security is one of the most important tenets for any website to uphold, but this is especially critical in the healthcare and medical space. Much of our work went into getting the website to meet the highest levels of security standards, as well as compliance for managing the personal data of applicants.

  • User Experience (UX) Redesign

    It was important for the client to take into account various needs and criteria that are taken into account by various entities. With an updated user interface, Medreliance offers an intuitive experience that can be used by people with, or without, any familiarity in using web-based tools.

  • Web Development

    We upgrade the previously existing code to the latest version of Laravel. This process was aimed at ensuring an appropriate level of security with the use of modern tools (Laravel Nova), which allowed us to save time on the development side, thus reducing client costs.

Hear from our client:

The communication has been great. We meet very often, I have plenty of opportunity to express my visions and expectations, and they are very effective at communicating, in a non technical language that I can easily understand, the work involved, expected time of delivery and anticipated needs. I have been especially pleased with the manner in which they communicate.

Chali Mulenga

CEO at Medreliance

Building User-Centric Features

Medreliance provides hospitals, healthcare providers and private practice firms with an easy tool to find and manage their ideal candidates. It was important that every feature was tailored towards all kinds of users, at any web-experience level.

Employers can create their profiles of “ideal candidates” by marking specific criteria, and then view job offers of candidates seeking employment, add them to favourites, and even save those profiles for future contact. It also provides an easy way for employers to reach out to candidates, allowing them to submit their applications. Employers can create accounts and create company profiles in order to be able to post job listings, view the profiles of applicants and make contact with selected candidates.

The Admin Dashboard lets an administrator without any deep technical knowledge control their job listings, candidate profiles and Medreliance features with ease. From the admin dashboard, they can also configure how their job listing appears or add new user types to the platform itself.

Payments Integration services lets Medreliance tap into leading payments provider APIs that offers a convenient and secure method for premium users to manage their subscription plan to Medreliance.

Cloud Deployment ensured that Medreliance runs with high uptime and optimized performance with the highest levels of cloud-based security.

Realizing a Digital Platform from a Doctor’s Perspective

With the help of Polcode, Medreliance provides a web application that comprehensively facilitates and improves recruitment in the medical industry. The project was developed to be fully scalable, which can grow easily with new feature implementations or greater customer demand.

By deploying a cloud-based solution and ensuring backwards compatibility, we developed Medreliance website's performance and increased security.

These technical specifications weren’t the only component of success with Medreliance. A successful project outcome was contingent on our client-developer relationship. As 100% remote partners, it was imperative that we got communication right, and with a non-technical client, we made sure to provide:

  • Great Communication on a frequent basis, with constant updates about progress, scope changes, estimated costs, and final costs after sprints were completed.
  • Guidance on technical subjects and explaining key concepts around the IT solutions we were implementing. The client trusted us with our work, but we still find it productive to explain what’s going into their project, and how it benefits them.
  • Transparency in terms of cost estimations and outcomes, as well as code quality checks to prove that work was being done effectively—all in ways that a non-technical client could understand.

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