Business Benefits

Polcode helped pioneering coaching software go to market on both web and mobile platforms, leading to a worldwide successful deployment and a range of competitive product offerings in the coaching market:

  • Over 3 years of developer team augmentation reducing software development and operational costs year on year.

  • Global reach through international app stores via hybrid web and mobile cross-platform development for iOS and Android.

  • One-stop supplier and continuous partnership for every kind of project: SEO optimization, payment integrations, UX/UI, backend coding, etc.

  • Online payment synchronicity between web and mobile to verify subscribers, enabling a better customer buying journey and experience.

  • Consolidation of key business objectives into one platform: elearning, coaching, video libraries, payment integrations and more.

Hear from our client:

Recently we have been working with Joanna as our project manager. The communication has been very good, with Joanna always letting us know when the developers will have time off etc.

These are some of the small details that we appreciate. We hope to continue our relationship with Polcode for years to come!

Mike Wall

Owner at Gold Medal Squared

A one-stop web and mobile app for professional volleyball

Sports organizations of all sizes can unlock their full potential with better online tools—a competitive edge when it comes to easing administration woes for coaches, team managers and athletes. That’s why GMS wanted to build a one-stop web and mobile app for professional volleyball coaches to have everything they need all in one place. From game analysis, training resources, training camp and match data, the GMS platform helps volleyball teams worldwide achieve results.

Powerful Web Tool for Coaches with GMS+

The custom web-based GMS platform offers a tailor-made solution for coach training. Polcode delivered the admin panel and dashboard, enabling coaches to manage their training camps, match data, game schedules, clubs, staff, strategy and in-depth game analysis all from one place.


The video library and content functions Polcode built allowed thousands of videos of live examples, interviews, drills, tips and other instructional videos to be easily searched and favorited. User-created content can also be shared across members, thanks to collaborative and member profiling features.


Coaches can view reports, trends and USA national averages using the web or mobile stats app. Not only does it provide the stats themselves, but suggestions based on data insights pulled from. When a match is finished, game data is automatically imported to the GMS+ panel for review.


Volleyball coaches often need to manage practice scenarios. The GMS+ platform was also built to enable creating, saving and sharing custom practice plans.

Gold Medal Squared

Taking Volleyball Stats Anywhere with Volleymaps App

The Volleymaps project was part of the mobile application development for GMS. The goal was to create a hybrid application, enabling match data to be collected from mobile devices and synced to the web platform Polcode built the hybrid iOS and Android app on Ionic for its powerful cross-platform mobile capabilities. The web portion was based on Laravel 5.2, synchronizing data from the mobile application with their servers, verified purchases made in the application (such as subscriptions).


Data records within the app use unique identifiers generated on the mobile application side. Three types of data collected in the application are synchronized: types of games, matches and so-called data points: consisting of information about the performed play (setting on the field, type of play, place).


A REST API was provided as an endpoint to verify invoices issued for in-app purchases and subscriptions. This allowed for the app to check the appropriate mobile store (App Store or Google Play).

Polcode and GMS have worked closely together on the following deliverables:

GMS+ Video a comprehensive video-learning platform
GMS+ Stats Automatically imports match data for reporting and analysis.
Volleymaps synchronize web and mobile app functions
Integrated Statistical Reporting
Web UX stability, security and maintainability
Collaboration Tools

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