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Business Need

Develop a web application & an admin panel with a wide selection of tools allowing coaches to keep tabs on all aspects of the game.

What We Did

Full-fledged GMS+ coaches panel comprises:

  • Dashboard
  • Statistical wizard
  • Video library
  • Set of handy tools with which coaches can manage their camps, games, clubs, staff, strategy, and perform an in-depth game analysis
  • Communication and notification tab designed to streamline information sharing


  • Angular.js

  • CSS logo


  • HTML5


  • laravel


  • PHP logotyp



The robust on-line portal for volleyball coaches that helps them to manage their daily work.  It’s a complex tool, that provides statistics and suggests areas that need improvement.

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Client Feedback

The true worth of a company lies in the experiences of its clients.

The Polcode team working on GMS+ has done a great job.  Jakub, one of the lead developers on the project is actually a volleyball coach.  Having a developer who understands “volleyball talk” has been a huge asset.  We are really excited to share these tools with volleyball coaches not just in the United States, but all over the world.


Mike Wall
3 years
Team Members

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