On-demand webinar: Twilio implementation in GreenWay [case study]

On-demand webinar: Twilio implementation in GreenWay [case study]

Customer experience elevated to new heights

How to reduce abandonment rate by 64% and slash avg. waiting time by 58% while handling nearly 3x more calls?

In this webinar, organized together with GreenWay and Twilio we demonstrate how GreenWay improved customer engagement by implementing Twilio Studio with the assistance of our team. A sneak peek at the results reveals that end users experienced a smoother, quicker, and more efficient process when accessing GreenWay's call support.

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During our webinar we'll:

  • delve into the journey of the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Poland as they faced the need for a robust and scalable solution to enhance their customer interactions. We will discuss why they chose Twilio IVR and how it addressed their unique requirements.
  • share in detail the implementation process, highlighting the integration of Twilio Studio with Polcode's expertise. Discover the innovative customer engagement features (like faster real-time routing, customer-centric call automation, enhanced caller tracking) they leveraged and explore the system integrations they established with other platforms.
  • provide insights into the remarkable outcomes achieved after implementing Twilio solution. Learn how GreenWay’s key performance indicators (KPIs) were significantly improved and goals were successfully attained.
  • explore what lies ahead, as GreenWay continues to leverage Twilio IVR and explores new avenues for growth and innovation.

The webinar will be then followed by a Q&A session where we'll answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you and helping your team build better customer experiences.



by Dominik Raś, Senior Project Manager at Polcode


Reasons behind GreenWay’s need to upgrade their hotline with a more elaborate, intelligent and autonomous Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to give callers the support quality they deserve.


Implementing Twilio Studio with Polcode, Twilio’s Official Technology Partner

  • innovative customer engagement features
  • system integrations with other platforms
  • faced Challenges (building, designing and deploying)

Developing with Twilio IVR opened up many different opportunities.

  • improved KPIs
  • achieved goals
Q&A Session

Time for Your Questions!

Dominik Raś Senior Project Manager at Polcode

Dominik Raś

Senior Project Manager

Dominik enjoys turning complex problems into successful software solutions that not only advance business workflows and work environments but also improve the lives of professionals. He started his professional career in the United States, where he was able to master the English language while getting to know various cultures, styles and environments of work.

Over the last 8 years at Polcode he has been helping clients to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and overall client service by supplementing their newly deployed next generation software systems with custom enhancements. Those improvements and extensions were tailored to bridge technology gaps and fulfill even the most unique challenges of business workflows.

Currently he advances his technical expertise by taking on more and more demanding projects.

Grzegorz Sońta, GreenWay

Grzegorz Sońta

Mass Market Department Director at GreenWay Polska

An expert in the field of customer service and client management, currently holding the position of Mass Market Department Director at GreenWay Polska.

With a strong track record of delivering exceptional customer experiences, excels in developing customer acquisition and retention strategies, driving cross-departmental initiatives. As the former Head of Customer Service, he demonstrated expertise in team management, process implementation, and customer satisfaction. His background as an independent trainer has allowed him to empower and foster a customer-centric culture.

Alongside his professional pursuits, he finds joy in watching musicals, particularly the classic ones, as they transport him to a world of captivating performances and timeless melodies.

Richard Buckham, Twilio

Richard Buckham

RSI Partner Alliance Manager - Emerging Markets at Twilio

Richard has a twenty-year track record of sales and business development success in the Call Centre, mobile, wireless, internet content and SI markets. He has an extensive understanding of vertical markets such as Finance, Retail, Travel, and the Public Sector.

He joined Twilio in November 2021 to build partnerships in the emerging markets and in particular with Polcode in Poland.

He is especially interested in utilization of digital technologies. In the early 2000s he worked for Nuance where he utilized speech and AI to enhance the customer experience for renowned companies such as British Airways and Vodafone.