Business Benefits

When a developer team’s workload becomes intense, Polcode’s team extension model helps firms quickly access talent by saving time and cost from in-house hiring. This flexibility allowed Engagement Labs to develop and maintain their social analytics platform TotalSocial® without delays. For over a year, Polcode stepped in on-demand during intense timelines with senior front-end and back-end developers who easily integrated with their daily workflows and technologies used.

  • Seamlessly extended IT team with a senior back-end developer, senior front-end developer, and a project manager assigned to ensure smooth collaboration.

  • Offered flexibility when development workload was sporadic and Engagement Labs needed developer resources during crunched timelines.

  • Ensured information security, keeping SLAs intact and proprietary algorithms separate from our developer environment, while still being able to fully develop features around the data produced.

  • Fixed long-term bugs that eventually resulted in the client being able to maintain their development lifecycles without extension after over a year of collaboration.

  • Lowered total overhead costs by providing senior developer talent on a monthly project basis rather than hiring full-time talent.

Augmenting IT Staff with Team-Driven Developers

Polcode helped them develop their TotalSocial® platform, a one-stop hub that combines both online and offline data with predictive analytics tools. Their proprietary machine learning engine needed a user-friendly web UI to visualize the results of their analytics engine. In addition, rapid progress was needed on the back-end to optimize database performance as their data collection and customer usage grew.

Our responsibilities were to develop their front-end UX and maintain, review and fix errors—all while adding new functionalities to the existing system. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, Polcode provided one senior front-end developer, and another senior back-end developer as an extension of the Engagement Labs’ team.

Our expertise was used for the following project goals:

  • Develop TotalSocial® UI with the latest UX practices and design trends for the web that performs across all browser types.
  • Data visualizations on the web which help users make sense of their incoming data streams at-a-glance.
  • Evapro API, the backend of a web application grabbing data from a provider, which was subsequently stored in MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Firehost Data Provider was a main source of analytical data, with huge amounts of data stored within an Apache Cassandra database.
  • Maintaining information security. Polcode never had direct access to internal operational schemas or the algorithm assessments generated by Engagement Labs. We used only an API to download selected statistics and present them in the user panel. Access to databases and Data Provider was made possible only through the Engagement Labs VPN.
Engagement Labs

Hear from our client:

Polcode picked up our Agile project management software instantly, even though they hadn’t used it before.

Their team augmentation worked as seamlessly. After a week of the major Symfony update, we still did not experience any issues usually involved with upgrading versions. That is a testament to Polcode’s quality and work standards.

We have been nothing but impressed! Thank you for being so easy to work with all along, thorough and diligent in your work. It’s been a pleasure.

CTO at Engagement Labs

Building the Social Media Listening Platform

From the front-end, the main functionality of the website is browsing various types of charts with statistics and data of interest to the user. Currently, there are several types of charts presenting the data of individual brands or categories to which they belong.

Scope and deliverables

Social listening for brand categories
Both online and offline social listening and their change over time
Brand overview charts

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