Innovative eCommerce for Global Sports Equipment Leader

Easton is a globally recognized producer of sports equipment, specializing in hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and cycling. With a strong international presence, Easton operates multiple leading online stores that cater to a diverse range of sports enthusiasts.

Their focus on quality and innovation is evident in their advanced eCommerce platforms and customized websites, aimed at elevating user experience and optimizing sales processes globally.

Challenge: Modernizing Easton's eCommerce

Easton was grappling with outdated online storefronts that were not user-friendly and failed to provide a seamless shopping experience across different devices. Their backend management systems were complex and difficult to use, making it hard to manage products, promotions, and content effectively.

Additionally, Easton required a more integrated and customizable solution to meet the needs of their various sports equipment branches. The company also faced challenges in expanding its global reach due to the lack of support for multiple languages and regions.

Solution: Comprehensive Web Development by Polcode

To directly address these challenges, the Polcode Tech Team delivered web development services, creating a fully customized and responsive online store for Easton.

Our Team developed a user-friendly and responsive eCommerce storefront that adapts seamlessly across devices, ensuring a consistent and engaging shopping experience. We implemented a robust admin panel that enhances operational efficiency by allowing Easton's team to easily manage products, promotions, and content.

Also, we improved user engagement through integrations with YouTube, customer review modules, and dynamic displays of related products.

  • For Easton Hockey, our Team utilized WordPress and BuddyPress to create a socially interactive platform with features like zoomed images, video discussions by professionals, and social login capabilities.

  • For Easton Cycling, we developed a multi-lingual, multi-regional eCommerce site using WordPress and Magento, enabling efficient management of diverse product ranges and inventories across different regions and languages.

  • For Easton Lacrosse and Baseball, we integrated Magento eCommerce with custom tools and plugins on WordPress, facilitating easy updates and management by non-technical team members, with specialized functionalities to enhance product detail pages and user interactions.

Outcome: Transforming Easton’s eCommerce Capabilities

The partnership between Easton and Polcode led to a transformation in Easton’s eCommerce capabilities. The responsive design and user-friendly interfaces increased customer satisfaction and engagement across Easton’s online stores. The streamlined admin panel and backend integrations greatly reduced the time needed for content updates and product management, leading to improved resource allocation and operational efficiency.

The solution's flexibility to support multiple languages and regions helped Easton expand their market presence, effectively adapting their offerings to meet diverse customer needs. The modular approach adopted by Polcode ensures that Easton's websites are scalable and can evolve with the company's growth. This strategic partnership has set a new standard for online sports retail, paving the way for Easton’s continued growth and innovation in the digital landscape.

Project Achievements

  • Enhanced Digital Presence and Management: We developed a fully customized and responsive webstore tailored to Easton’s brand, improving the customer journey across all devices led to higher engagement and increased sales. This seamless experience was supported by a user-friendly admin panel that simplified eCommerce management, allowing Easton's non-technical staff to efficiently update products and manage promotions. The integration of advanced user engagement tools like social media interactions and personalized recommendations further enriched the shopping environment, boosting customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

  • Global Expansion and Localized Experience: To support Easton’s global expansion, we implemented a multi-lingual and multi-regional eCommerce platform, enabling smooth entry into new markets and effective connection with local audiences. This strategic development increased Easton’s global footprint and diversified its customer base and revenue streams, enhancing the brand’s scalability and market responsiveness.


Fully Customized and Responsive Webstore
User-Friendly Admin Panel
Enhanced User Engagement Tools
Multi-lingual and Regional Support for Global Expansion

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