Merging Tradition with Technology

Peter Christian, a renowned men’s clothing retailer, has long been celebrated for its high-quality, classic gentleman's attire. By blending these timeless styles with the convenience of modern eCommerce, they provide a personalized and seamless shopping experience for customers across the United States and the United Kingdom.

However, the journey to harmonize classic elegance with digital efficiency has not been without its challenges.

High Traffic, High Expectations: Overcoming eCommerce Bottlenecks and Security Risks

During peak shopping periods, like Black Friday, Peter Christian's eCommerce platform faced performance and security issues that directly affected user experience and sales. The surge in traffic revealed bottlenecks and vulnerabilities:

  • Exposed to Potential Threats

    The platform's security was compromised by outdated software modules and unprotected access points, leaving the system vulnerable to attacks. This posed serious risks to user data and compromised the integrity of the entire site.

  • Slowed by Size and Speed

    Moreover, the platform struggled with large, unoptimized image files and inefficient content delivery, resulting in slow loading times. This issue was particularly urgent for mobile users, who experienced the most significant delays.

  • Lax Security Protocols

    Adding to these concerns, the platform lacked robust mechanisms to restrict access to sensitive areas, jeopardizing operational integrity and customer privacy.

Hear from our client:

It’s hard to find strong Magento developers as a smaller company, so Polcode’s skill set has been valuable to us.

David Boyce

IT Director

Solution: Targeted Upgrades for Immediate Impact

To transform these challenges into strengths, the Polcode Team implemented focused enhancements that brought immediate benefits. To enhance site security and performance, we first streamlined operations by removing obsolete modules and tightening administrative access. Concurrently, the entire platform was upgraded to ensure robust, up-to-date operations, laying a solid foundation for further enhancements.

To address the need for improved performance, especially under high traffic, we increased the web server’s CPU from 12 to 16 cores. Furthermore, we optimized Cloudflare caching to serve most content directly from the cache, bypassing the server strain during these crucial periods.

We also tackled the problem of slow content delivery by using 'srcset' and 'sizes' attributes to tailor image sizes to different devices. Additionally, integrating CDN caching helped offload image handling, further speeding up the site for users worldwide.

Moreover, we fortified security and access control by setting up a cookie-based access control system. This new system allowed for secure and exclusive entry to restricted sections of the site, ensuring that sensitive areas were protected from unauthorized access.

Outcomes: Smoother, Faster, Safer Shopping

These upgrades implemented by our Tech Team translated into measurable benefits, improving the site’s responsiveness even during peak traffic. The server and cache enhancements ensured that the shopping experience was smoother and faster, particularly for mobile users.

Tightened security measures reduced the risk of breaches, protecting customer and company data from potential threats. Customers could enjoy quicker browsing and checkout processes, thanks to the optimized data handling and improved overall site performance.

Project Upgrades and Security Improvements

  • Improved Performance and Strengthened Security: We upgraded the webserver to handle high traffic volumes smoothly, ensuring fast and stable shopping experiences during peak periods. Security was bolstered by eliminating vulnerabilities, which protects customer information and builds trust. Additionally, we optimized content caching and data transfer, significantly speeding up load times and improving responsiveness across all devices, particularly on mobile.

  • Advanced Access Control and Data Protection: We introduced new access features to safeguard sensitive areas of the website, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view crucial business and customer data. This step strengthens overall security and maintains the integrity of Peter Christian’s site.


New Web Server Setup
Security Enhancements
Caching Improvements
Data Transfer Optimization
Restricted Access Features

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