Business Benefits

ComboStrike is a full-service digital marketing agency for the gaming industry with offices in Berlin, Shanghai and Los Angeles. They work with some of the top video game publishers worldwide, including Sega, Tencent Games, Netease and Amazon Games Studios. The ComboStrike marketing platform provides access to millions of influencers around the globe, offering a single-site experience to manage influencer strategies, brand relationships, advertising campaigns, and advanced analytics to find the right audience.

  • Faster Time-to-Market

    With Polcode’s on-demand developer services, project kickoff was able to start immediately, without needing to hire costly in-house developers for a relatively short-term project.

  • Predictability and Availability

    ComboStrike was able to manage Polcode’s developers as if they were part of their in-house teams—just remotely and with flexible monthly payments.

  • Good Communication

    Polcode was deeply integrated with ComboStrike's agile processes, with clear two-way communication between developer teams on a near-daily basis.

Building an Authentic Influencer Network

As streaming platforms become increasingly popular, Wargaming influencer marketing for the video gaming audience is one of the most successful performance marketing segments. However, gamers are highly sensitive to disingenuous “paid actor” campaigns. Effective influencer marketing in the video game industry has to feel real, genuine, and highly relevant to a streamer’s audience.

That’s why ComboStrike designed a platform to connect video game advertisers with the right influencers, and nurture trustworthy brand relationships over time.

Polcode helped develop the online campaign platform which contains a database of gaming influencers, as well as advertisers who want to market their games or deliver broader brand experiences.

Polcode Coming in Clutch

ComboStrike needed experienced developers to help supplement their front-end development project for a defined period of time. They didn’t necessarily want to commit to in-house hires for a limited-term project and had the following project requirements and needs:

  • Frontend Development Expertise
  • Direct Control Over Developers
  • Work-friendly Dates & Timezone
  • Good Communication
  • Code Quality and Competencies

Polcode suggested dedicated developer remote services that they could scale easily as their demands changed.


Hear from our client:

We greatly value Polcode’s flexibility for scale up or down our developer needs on a monthly basis. Their communication has always been open, easy and best of all, proactive. Everyone involved was always helpful and very kind.

Sebastian Roemling

COO at ComboStrike

Developing an Integrated Influencer Marketing App

The ComboStrike platform caters to two user segments: the advertisers who want to market their game, and ComboStrike administrators who need to manage campaigns for advertisers. Influencers can be added manually, but most of their data and statistics are gathered automatically and presented within the app.

The platform helps advertisers see the most important statistics of advertisers from platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook. Most of the data is downloaded using background jobs via API.

Key Features

Advertisers on the platform needed the ability to:

  • Create granular advertising campaigns
  • Track and monitor statistics collected during the campaign
  • Discover (or deny requests from) influencers
  • Company and individual accounts

ComboStrike Administrators

  • Adding new campaigns
  • Viewing all data on the platform
  • Viewing accounts from the advertiser’s perspective
  • Adding new AdvertiserCampaign and completing internal data


  • Able to create ComboStrike accounts
  • Unable to interact directly with advertisers

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