Fast-tracking Software Development

Our cooperation began within weeks of analyzing SiteVibes’ product and development needs. The initial code was written by the SiteVibes CTO, but they needed additional dev resources to accelerate the product development side of things. Polcode’s eCommerce expertise, paired with our track record of building digital marketing platforms, turned out to be the perfect fit.

Polcode’s developers fleshed out the product by migrating to a high-performance Laravel framework, and building additional features alongside the SiteVibes team. The goal of the project was to leverage user-generated content from Instagram or Facebook, giving customers a more engaging experience when shopping online. Our partnership remains ongoing, but we provide fully-featured product developer teams which include the following services:

  • Frontend Development

    With the Vue open-source framework, we built the SiteVibes ecommerce widgets for flexibility and speed. Showcasing social content requires a more nuanced setup than typical content management systems, which requires a more custom approach to serving content to each visitor.

  • App Development

    Using fully-featured Laravel packages for eCommerce development, we were able to build eCommerce experiences that help to make brands’ images and videos increasingly shoppable. This can include social content streams, product galleries, and other formats customizable based on a brand’s needs.

  • eCommerce-specific Development

    Developing apps for a particular eCommerce store app requires levels of expertise that helps feature development move faster. Our experience working on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce allows us to quickly integrate and build features with eCommerce-specific uses.

Building the Visual Marketing and Social Engagement Platform

The SiteVibes Visual Marketing and Social Engagement platform helps eCommerce brands step up their product discovery and customer engagement tools. Their in-house CTO worked alongside Polcode product developers to help rapidly build and launch a visual marketing platform, which boosts conversions by up to 20% and motivates shoppers to purchase based on social proof.

Today’s software providers are increasingly benefitting from outsourced software development teams as a catalyst for faster growth. SiteVibes CTO, Cristian Pina, collaborated with Polcode’s remote product development teams to quickly get the new platform launched, all while retaining full control over the development process.

With any remote collaborative work, Polcode strives to become more than just an outsourcing coder. We aim to build a real partnership, offering our expertise to fill in any talent gaps that an agency needs, while becoming a trusted team through quality communication and code.

Extending Developer Reach

Team Extension is an ongoing cooperation model between a core team (in this case, the SiteVibes team) and the extended team offshore (Polcode). There are a number of benefits to working in this model, namely:

  • Predictable Scaling - Outsourcing developers can help in-house teams meet tight deadlines and reach milestones in reliable time frames.
  • Talent Access - SiteVibes had immediate access to their developer, without needing to recruit, hire, onboard and maintain roles which are ‘temporary’.
  • Rapid Development - From the early stages of creation to a market-ready product, team extensions are built for no-hassle setups and fast operations from day one.
  • Saving Time & Money - Team extension means that the software developer partner, like Polcode, handles the team organization, project management, salaries, payment, termination, promotions, etc.
  • Maintaining Control - One important aspect of our cooperation with SiteVibes was to ensure that the CTO stayed in full control of the project’s progress and developer tasks.

Hear from our client:

Our apps help increase a business’s ecommerce potential with the power of social media. To do that, we need reliable developers who understand how to code at the intersection of design, ecommerce, social media APIs, and frontend and backend management.

Polcode offers talent we need on demand, and they’re always eager to build new and exciting features alongside us.

Mike Matker

Co-Founder at SiteVibes

SiteVibes Project Outcomes (So Far)

As we continue to develop new features with SiteVibes, Polcode’s developers strive to build technology that takes ‘social commerce’ beyond media feeds, and onto brand-owned storefronts and product pages. With the SiteVibes apps developed by our teams, marketers can create more impactful, engaging experiences on their pages, which better enable revenue wins. Below are some of the results we’ve seen with the SiteVibes launch.

With our combined efforts, SiteVibes was able to rapidly ideate, build, and launch the new app to commerce stores, allowing them to increase:

  • Time-on-site
  • Average orders values
  • Conversion rates
  • Pageviews
  • SEO positions
  • Customer Data Richness

Deliverables & Results

New app launched in the Shopify marketplace
Increased integration options for ecommerce brands
Acquired first customers with SiteVibes shoppable content
Increased conversions by up to 20%

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