MCC Business Benefits

MyConsultingCoach is an innovative platform for aspiring candidates to get into management consulting with digital mentorship. Polcode developed the web platform which serves over 15,000 users, wrapped in an ecommerce solution for users to pay for premium services.

  • Complex web platform delivered on budget and on time, made possible by Polcode’s deliberate time estimations and routine project evaluation.

  • Improved user experience with page load performance enhancements, and user-friendly dashboards for end-users, coaches and site admins.

  • Enabled premium purchase options for users wanting full site access or one-off purchases like mock interviews and assistance with CVs.

  • Able to serve over 15,000 active users and scale as needed with cloud-compute hosting.

  • Reduced in-house development costs by leveraging Polcode’s combined experience in building ecommerce, distance learning and web applications.

Creating Adaptive Learning Experiences

Polcode was challenged with the task of building a very complex site that needed to handle multiple workloads: online exercises, live coaching, mock interviews, tutorials, videos. All while making it seamless to manage from the coaching side and business side. Because the platform caters towards a B2C audience and o×ers premium content, it was also important to build a robust ecommerce system to handle everything from subscriptions, international currencies and integrations with payment providers.

The progression-based learning model

The MCC Academy uses a personalized approach for teaching people the skillsets of real consultants, without a one-size-fits-all approach. By leveraging the digital experiences of personalized elearning, candidates can get their own unique exercise layouts and self-made frameworks to “solve cases like a real consultant.”

The Case Academy section of the web platform is essentially a progression-based learning model. It provides lectures and exercises, and follows them up with tests that contain both closed and open questions.

Polcode was responsible for developing the technical processes behind features that allow customers to:

  • Review basic interview fundamentals
  • Master business concepts for case interviews
  • Get to know common scenarios in case interviews
  • Solve cases faster and more e×ectively
  • Watch full examples of case interviews solved
  • Learn compelling storytelling

Hear from our client:

We were thrilled to continue working with Polcode because of their responsiveness, detailed estimates, and how their developers and project managers had a good understanding of business and really clicked with our team.

Giovanni Braghieri

Co-Founder at MyConsultingCoach

Mock Interviews With Community

Bringing people together was one of the core goals for the MyConsultingCoach project.

In Case Interviews, users can meet other people to practice their consultation interviews. Instead of juggling email threads, time zone issues or distance between people, users can create open invitations or schedule interviews with specific users. Real-life meetings could also be added to the system by filling out a form and answering feedback questions prepared by MCC.

Polcode team were able to:

Lead the entire web development process
Optimize web performance
Deliver detailed project estimates to stay on-budget
Build an admin panel to easily manage all modules from one interface
Integrate ecommerce features and payment systems: Stripe and Paypal

Education and Ecommerce in One

While many services within the MCC platform are free, MyConsultingCoach offers premium users full access to features behind a paywall. Polcode’s expertise in building ecommerce platforms made integrating payment systems and paid accessible features a breeze.

The ecommerce system uses a custom-built checkout solution that provides: session-based shopping, cross-device support and international currencies. Integrations with PayPal and Stripe allow users to pay seamlessly with their preferred cards. Ecommerce products that users gain access to, or can purchase as one-offs:

  • Mock interviews with real consultants
  • Full access to case academy
  • CV and cover letter assistance

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