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Symfony is a leading web application framework built on PHP. It is renowned for its decoupled and modular nature, allowing for a wide range of uses in advanced applications as well as simple yet powerful web apps.

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Why Choose Polcode for Symfony Development?

Polcode is a Symfony-specialized software house with over 20 mid-to-senior Symfony Developers. We are trusted by enterprises of all sizes to do just about anything your business needs to grow and create a reliable, secure, maintainable, and feature-ready application. Our experts solve many of the pain points you need to touch on when developing an app with Symfony, from handling development lifecycle and design, to building, shipping releases as well as support and maintenance.

Partner-Driven Developers

Working with Polcode means having a software house that feels like your own. We make the effort to go all-in with your success to plan, strategize and develop long-term Symfony solutions that deliver real outcomes for your business.

Enterprise-grade Features

Made for speed, security and scale, Symfony lays the groundwork for micro-sites and enterprise applications handling millions connections per second. Symfony is the leading framework for building websites, APIs, microservices and web services.

Symfony Support & Maintenance

Our teams have worked closely with clients to maintain reliability in their business-critical applications. Whether you want to upgrade, carry out security and software updates, or simply need to eliminate the headache of regular maintenance, Polcode provides support.

Symfony-friendly Experiences

Choosing Symfony as your backend technology is a great choice for life-long enterprise projects and reliability. With its powerful components, easy extensions, and huge developer community, Symfony is battle-proven stability under the most extreme circumstances time and time again.

Full Cycle Product Development

We take care of your project from A to Z by leading your entire design and development process with proven agile methods that are designed to get all stakeholders (even non-technical ones) in alignment.

Competitive Pricing

As a comprehensive open source framework with lots of ready-made extensions, Symfony projects tend to be extremely cost efficient in the long run compared to other frameworks. Development and maintenance costs are often reduced to a minimum, and Polcode offers models to fit your budget.

How to seamlessly upgrade your business to PHP 8 - ebook

How to Seamlessly Upgrade Your Business to PHP 8

How to Seamlessly Upgrade Your Business to PHP 8

Our Symfony-powered Project

Don’t take it from us. Hear from our clients:

Polcode picked up our Agile project management software instantly, even though they hadn’t used it before.

Their team augmentation worked as seamlessly. After a week of the major Symfony update, we still did not experience any issues usually involved with upgrading versions. That is a testament to Polcode’s quality and work standards.

We have been nothing but impressed! Thank you for being so easy to work with all along, thorough and diligent in your work. It’s been a pleasure.

CTO at Engagement Labs

Our Symfony Development Services

Polcode gives you expert Symfony developers who work closely with your team across the entire development lifecycle. From UX/UI and design, to building, deploying and providing maintenance - our services ensure your Symfony project is stable, secure, and maintainable.

Symfony Enterprise Solutions

Symfony for eCommerce

Symfony for CMS Development

Symfony-based APIs

Legacy Application Rescue

Code & UX/UI Audits

Mobile App Backend Development

Symfony Migrations & Updates

Symfony Support & Maintenance

Benefit from 15+ years of experience in Symfony Development

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Cooperation Models
Tailored To Your Needs

Just getting started and need a few developers? Or do you need a full cycle development solution to transform your ideas into a working product? We have working models that fit your specific Symfony needs.

Team Extension

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When you need to handpick roles to fill talent gaps in your team, Polcode offers mid-to-senior developers, project managers, or even team leads. Relieve the headaches of hiring in-house, and call upon our Team Extension services on demand.

Full Cycle Product Development

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Our Symfony-powered Project

Symfony Development FAQ

What types of projects does Polcode build with Symfony?

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Symfony is the framework of choice for enterprise-level platforms that need robust scalability, security and future-proof technologies for years to come. It is battle proven and time tested for enterprise-grade solutions. Polcode prefers to use Symfony when the stakes are high and business solutions are complex.

Which framework should you choose: Symfony or Laravel?

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