Business Benefits

Our developer teams and project managers gave Firm Prospects the talent it needed to see through its product development to completion at efficient cost, leading to a wide range of strategic advantages:

  • Accelerated shift to digital CRM able to leverage new technologies including data insights, analytics, business intelligence and user segmentation.

  • Confidently achieved cloud transformation by upgrading legacy and paper systems into highly scalable, secure and compliant data infrastructure.

  • Rapidly launched new product offerings powered by predictive analytics engines, deep search functionality and customizable report generation.

  • Lowered operational costs and reduced maintenance spend by augmenting staff and rapidly scaling their IT workforce twofold.

  • Built business around the digital customer, creating value-added services for customers with targeted search results, market analysis and reporting all in one place.

Delivering the CRM platform

Firm Prospects essentially offers an easy-to-use CRM, allowing any recruiting company or law firm to create their own custom searches and reports on lawyers. Users can create history tracking between a given lawyer or company, or research and share specific information throughout their company and among other recruiters.

The owner of Firm Prospects had worked with other vendors previously, but Polcode was able to deliver a comprehensive approach to development.

Firm Prospects turned to Polcode to develop and maintain their cutting-edge data analytics and market intelligence platform. Legal recruiters, law firms, and attorneys use the platform to hire, search and track everything they need to know, in one place.

The scope of the project was summarized into the following deliverables:

Lawyer search engine
Law firm search
Job search
Analytics and Reporting
CRM components
Website and dashboard

Simplified, Superfast Search

Firm Prospects relies on their datasets to deliver powerful results, “Whether searching for candidates or tracking trends in lateral movements, your results are only as good as the underlying data. That’s why we’ve taken the time to develop a comprehensive and accurately categorized database, while also applying the latest technology to enhance our review process. As a result, we provide more targeted market intelligence to our customers.”

Polcode helped Firm Prospects to go-to-market quickly.

We delivered the following A-Z feature sets allowing Firm Prospects to launch the product quickly.


The database contains several hundred thousand lawyers from all over the United States. There are over 14 different filters, and subfilters under some of the categories, such as Practice Area or Graduation Years. With such a large number of parameters, the search engine must handle large loads. By using ElasticSearch, Polcode allows Firm Prospects to dynamically create database caches, providing fast and efficient results.


The platform also serves as a one-stop search for law firms located in the United States. The database contains several thousand records and up-to-date information about each company.

This includes parameters like company name, contact, number of employees, specializations, employment history, estimated income, company ranking.


The job search engine finds information about law firms, including company name, headquarters of individual office locations, University graduates, specializations, number of employees, income, company ranking,

Firm Prospects

Hear from our client:

The team’s greatest strength is their diverse skill set. After we spent thousands of dollars on an AI project with another company, Polcode came up with a better alternative almost immediately at a much more competitive price. If a project is within their wheelhouse, they will be more efficient and cost-effective than any other company. We’ve learned to approach them first.

Owner at Firm Prospects

One Place for Analytics, Insights and Admin

Polcode built the business intelligence, data analytics and reporting mechanisms that enabled Firm Prospect’s most distinctive features. It can show trends based on historical data, and apply a proprietary predictive analytics model to look prospectively—identifying associates who are most likely to make a lateral move within a 6 to 12 month period. Users can generate market reports for all companies in the database, based time segments from the last quarter or custom ranges. Users can automatically export reports with charts and tables to a PDF file..

  • Firm and Attorney reports: Users can also generate reports on firms, or attorneys comparing companies if needed, or identifying market factors that might cause an

  • Dashboard: The web interface was designed to be user-friendly with the latest in frontend trends and UX. The dashboard contains a summary of all actions that a user needs, including alerts, saved searches and saved lists.

  • User management: The platform allows for easy collaboration between users, establishing admin controls, permissions, collaboration tools, and other features that make using the platform easier for firms with large teams.

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