Philadelfia Intranet

Custom Intranet System, Food Manufacturing Company.

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Business Need

Develop and deploy Intranet for a Food Manufacturing Company.

  • A system ensuring documentation and finance transparency and smooth workflow within the various facilities and internal processes.

  • The latter would include clear customer order & sampling procedures correlated with internal logistics in different business units.

What We Did

A set of highly specific software applications helpful in everyday production routine, among them:

  • Client complaints module
  • Samples request handling module
  • Internal quality control module
  • Number of useful features like calendar or lists of users, clients, suppliers, carriers, products, etc.


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    Ruby on Rails

  • CSS logo


  • JS logo


  • HTML5



Philamac – custom intranet system appreciated by the customer, suppliers, and several inspectors.

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Client Feedback

The true worth of a company lies in the experiences of its clients.

“Polcode accommodates me 100% of the time, and does it with full efficiency.”

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