Altkom Akademia

Educational website improving employee skills through a wide range of IT courses and training programs. Recommended by 90% of the courses’ attendees.


Business Need

Increase the number of website visitors and sold courses with a new, comprehensive, and fast website possessing advanced browsing features for its training programs and courses.

What We Did

Backend and frontend (UX/UI), including:

  • Course search engine
  • Dynamic list of training path & dynamic menu
  • Course management module (catalog, browser, detailed view, promotions) and exam offers
  • Custom API to aggregate content from many external services
  • Extensive content management module
  • Improved mobile version of the site
  • Added the English language version of the website


  • WordPress

  • laravel


  • vue js logo



A new and faster website available to a higher number of visitors thanks to improved compatibility.

The use of asynchronous information retrieval has significantly reduced the load time of the entire page and its individual components.

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Client Feedback

The true worth of a company lies in the experiences of its clients.

Thank you very very much for your cooperation on refreshing the new Altkom Academia website. It was a pure pleasure of working with such a professional, efficient and reliable team!

Jacek Łyszkowski, Head of Internal IT Systems, Altkom
< 1year
Team Members

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