Beyond Gravity

Video editing  and process management service for skydiving centres. A SaaS-type portal & CRM.

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Business Need

Create a comprehensive on-line portal, which brings together skydiving centers, professional skydivers, film editors and people who have bought a parachute jump.

What We Did

Built SaaS web application to improve the process of complex skydiving service by collecting basic information about clients,  providing access to skydive photo and video documentation with an option to purchase these materials  or share them on social media.

Backend and frontend (UX/UI), including:

  • Dedicated CRM with a detailed database on skydives and users
  • Extensive filter and search engine for skydives
  • Extensive individual multi-functional skydiving records
  • Built-in "journey" of the dive (details on payment, materials, promotions)
  • Creator of individual skydive film edit
  • Live chat
  • Management of skydiving centers, instructors and users
  • Custom user-website wizard
  • Subscription and payment modules
  • Advanced user management
  • Email-based skydiving film-search feature


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A modern functional SaaS-type portal with constantly growing number of users.


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