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Magento offers all of the features, flexibility and cost advantages that you need to build a successful online store. A Magento-specific development partner can help you take advantage of complex features that drive the world’s largest B2C and B2B eCommerce platforms.

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Polcode is recognized as a top developer in Poland

Why Choose Polcode for Magento Development?

Polcode is a Magento developer at heart. With over a decade of experience in delivering world-leading eCommerce sites, our experts know the ins and outs of Magento. Go beyond implementing simple Magento 2 features, and work with us to build store that sells more. Security, stability, scalability, user experience, and lightning-fast performance are all core elements of our Magento development service.

Partner-Driven Developers

Working with Polcode means having a software house that feels like your own. We make the effort to go all-in with your success to plan, strategize and develop long-term Magento solutions that deliver real outcomes for your business.

eCommerce Expertise

Professional Magento developers will help you run your Magento store successfully. From better payment systems, responsive mobile design, SEO-friendly pages, security and dozens of complex functions, Polcode helps you transform a basic online store into an eCommerce brand that scales globally.

Magento Support & Maintenance

Our teams have worked closely with clients to maintain reliability in their business-critical applications. Whether you want to upgrade, carry out security and software updates, or simply need to eliminate the headache of regular maintenance, Polcode provides support.

Magento-friendly Experiences

While Magento is marketed as easy-to-set up, store owners can deliver extreme improvements to their customers by working with a Magento development partner. Our UX/UI teams optimize user experience, while our developers work on delivering super fast performance and page load speeds.

Full Cycle Product Development

We take care of your project from A to Z by leading your entire design and development process with proven agile methods that are designed to get all stakeholders (even non-technical ones) in alignment.

Competitive Pricing

As a well-documented open source framework with many pre-built components, Magento projects tend to be extremely cost efficient in the long run compared to other frameworks. Development and maintenance costs are often reduced to a minimum, and Polcode offers models to fit your budget.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Magento 2 Speed

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Magento 2 Speed

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Magento 2 Speed

Our Magento-powered Project

Don’t take it from us. Hear from our clients:

It was not a coincidence that we chose Polcode as our technology partner. We were looking for a reliable, timely and trusted e-commerce development firm who would take over the maintenance and development of our online store. Their reputation among our friends from the IT industry led us to work with them.

We rank Polcode’s work very highly, and ultimately chose to continue working with them over the last three years.

Jacek Przybył

IT Development Expert at Puccini

Our Magento Development Services

Polcode gives you expert Magento developers who work closely with your team across the entire development lifecycle. From UX/UI and design, to building, deploying and providing maintenance - our services ensure your Magento project is stable, secure, and maintainable.

Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 UX/UI Design

Global payment processing

Analytics and Reporting

Customer Engagement Tools

SEO-Friendly Magento 2 Pages

Magento 2 Performance Optimization

Magento Migrations & Updates

Magento Support & Maintenance

Benefit from 10+ years of experience in Magento Development

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Our Top Magento-adjacent Technologies

Unit Testing
Cloud Solutions

Certified Magento Developers

Our work with Magento-based projects speaks for itself, but sometimes it's nice to know that developers you have never met are skilled in the technology. That's why many of our senior-level specialists are Magento and Magento 2 Certified Developers, ensuring that your project is in the right hands, and that development goes smoothly.

Cooperation Models
Tailored To Your Needs

Just getting started and need a few developers? Or do you need a full cycle development solution to transform your ideas into a working product? We have working models that fit your specific Magento needs.

Team Extension

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When you need to handpick roles to fill talent gaps in your team, Polcode offers mid-to-senior developers, project managers, or even team leads. Relieve the headaches of hiring in-house, and call upon our Team Extension services on demand.

Full Cycle Product Development

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Magento Development FAQ

When is it wise to choose Magento over other eCommerce platforms?

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Magento 2 has all the benefits that an open source eCommerce platform should have, and makes it easy to develop features. Magento 2 developers have access to templates, extensions, modules and pre-built solutions that can get your store up and running fast, but also customize it deeply to your needs. Unlike generic eCommerce creators, Magento 2 is suited for stores that want custom development.

How long does it take to build a Magento-based eCommerce platform?

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Is it necessary to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

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How can I protect my Magento store from hackers?

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How do I optimize Magento 2 speed?

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