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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Magento 2 Speed

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Magento 2 Speed

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Magento 2 Speed

About this eBook

Did you know the first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates for eCommerce stores? This ebook contains the top 10 proven strategies, chosen by senior-level eCommerce software developers, to help Magento 2 store owners optimize performance and page load speeds.

It includes both the non-technical reasoning behind each strategy, right down to the technical configurations that developers need to know.

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a lightning-fast Magento 2 experience for mobile and desktop customers
  • Apply the top 10 performances changes to your Magento 2-powered store
  • Understand how each strategy affects your page load speeds
  • Take advantage of easy optimization tactics with caching, minifying, and Elasticsearch
  • Make more advanced performance changes by using Varnish and deploying Redis

...and much more!

What Will I Learn From This Guide?

An eCommerce store’s conversion and bounce rates are directly related to page load speeds and website performance. Even the smallest improvements can make a world of difference to your visitors. A few seconds can mean the difference between a frustrated customer, or someone who feels comfortable visiting time and time again. Our eCommerce experts have improved the performance of Magento 2-powered sites for 16 years, and in this ebook, they share their top 10 strategies with you.

Magento 2 Performance Strats

Learn what can slow down your Magento-powered store, what you can do about it, and why taking each step matters for business.

Easy Performance Tips

Enabling cache, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, and working in Production Mode don’t take much time to get quick value.

Advanced Speed Tactics

Using Varnish, Deploying Redis, and tweaking CDN configurations can lead to huge increases in performance.

Optimizing for Mobile

Image weight, fonts and a variety of factors can make mobile sites slow--not something you want in the era of mobile eCommerce.

Step-by-step Configurations

Perform the procedures listed in this guide step by step, and you’ll see better performance metrics in no time.

Upgrade with Polcode

Not sure about your eCommerce configurations? Polcode has a ton of knowledge and experience to help you get a lightning-quick store.

Magento eBook Introduction


  • What to expect in this eBook
  • Why speed matters above all
  • More than just user experience
Magento eBook - high value, quick optimization tips

High Value, Quick Optimization Tips

  • Enable cache types
  • Work in production mode
  • Merge and minify CSS
Magento eBook - optimize for web and mobile

Optimize for Web & Mobile

  • Turn off flat tables
  • Tweak image weight
  • Optimize font usage
Magento eBook - advanced performance tricks

Advanced Performance Tricks

  • Configure CDN
  • Use Varnish
  • Deploy Redis
  • Choose smarter hosting

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Magento Developers

Senior Magento Developer
Maciej Skalny - Senior Magento Developer

Maciej Skalny

Adobe Certified Expert with strong and solid experience in Magento. I am always committed, taking care of quality and adhere to the best standards. As a developer, I mainly work with eCommerce solutions such as Magento or Shopware, but I love learning new technologies. Privately, a fan of football and good music.

Senior Magento Developer
Dariusz Sadkowski - Senior Magento Developer

Dariusz Sadkowski

Programmer and gamer, unfortunately, won't combine into pro-gamer. My tech stack is focused on eCommerce-related technologies, especially Magento 2 (full stack). Maybe I don't talk too much, but I'm an open-minded, creative person who can find a solution to any problem. When it comes to programming, nothing is impossible, and if you are sure it's impossible, you never asked me for advice. I love to learn new technologies, because - let's be honest - even Magento 2 won't last forever, so it's always a good idea to have some other paths to choose from.

Senior Magento Developer
Artur Jóźwiak - Senior Magento Developer

Artur Jóźwiak

Magento 2 full stack developer, always open to new challenges, with excellent ability to adapt to new circumstances and assimilate new solutions. I am highly focused on precision of performed tasks and I believe that good contact with the client and trust-based relationship is essential. I follow the principle - think outside the box, but to make life easier - use templates.

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