“I just call to say I’ll hire you!” Let’s talk about the Polcode recruitment process

“I just call to say I’ll hire you!” Let’s talk about the Polcode recruitment process

Polcode Team
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Being on this side of the Internet can only mean two things – either you have lost your way in the maze of the web, or you’re going to apply for a job at Polcode. We won’t lie to you; we hope the second option is the right one.

So, since you’re already here, let’s talk about the recruitment process!

You shall not pass!

Just kidding, you shall and will because hiring at Polcode starts pretty easy. We have always made sure that our processes are as simple, friendly, and transparent as possible while providing answers to all questions. We stick to this principle, whether it concerns recruitment or internal processes.

We approach the hiring process as if it were a project. No matter if it is recruiting for a business or technical position, the steps are similar:

  1. CV review
  2. Interview with an HR specialist
  3. Verification of skills related to the position
  4. Feedback

Let us take you through this!

Show me the data

So what do we pay attention to when browsing the CV? Obviously, we focus on your work experience, list of skills, level of English, and sometimes education. The last one isn’t crucial, though. We already have people with economic, linguistic, or even psychological degrees who are awesome at what they do. So don’t hesitate to reach us whether the degree is compatible with the job or not really (or when there’s no degree at all).

Keep the CV clear and simple, which will lead you to the…

Talk with HR

And we love talking! For some people, this stage may be just something to quickly take off the hook, for it is the longest part of the process. But we always ensure that the interviewer knows the team and the technologies or skills required for a given position. Don't be surprised if we ask you about, e.g., design patterns, callbacks, and database queries (spoiler alert: we will also know what you are talking about 😉).

At this stage, we also check your knowledge of English and motivation to change jobs and discuss employment-related organizational issues.

We give you a lot of time to talk about the company, team, project, and what it's like to be working with us. We are happy to clarify any doubts you may have. Honesty is essential at this stage, and you’ll find out that we are not afraid to answer complex questions (seriously, try us). Sometimes, at this point, the recruiter and the candidate conclude that the mutual expectations do not coincide. Still, you can receive positive feedback and an invitation to the next stage right away.

Show us what you got! (Skills check)

This stage is the most complex, and in some recruitments, we also have a task to complete. Fear not, we won’t leave you alone with it – you can contact our HR Technical Advisor, future supervisor, or the head of a given department. These talks focus on specific technological issues or cases that can be encountered in a given position.


Be honest, how many times did you experience this daunting silence after an interview? Wondering what went wrong, waiting for an email or a simple call, yet nothing has happened? Well, that won’t be the case here. Whether 100% positive or constructive, we always try to provide the most accurate feedback after the recruitment. Our HR team takes it seriously and leaves no one behind (beware, no one can hide from the crushing power of feedback!).

So how long does it take?

We want the recruitment process to be quick and painless. In some situations, it may take just a few days from the moment of sending your application to submitting an offer. It may take a little longer if more people are involved in the process, but we deeply care about the most efficient communication, so you’re always informed about the next steps and how long it will take.

And then it’s just a beginning of a great adventure with #Polcoders! 💜

Did we manage to make it all clear for you? If you have questions, we have the answers! Contact us at any time here: praca@polcode.com

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