4 ways to promote Magento 2 store

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Promote Their Magento 2 Store After Launch

Polcode Team
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Launching a new online store is an important moment for every company, regardless of how long it’s been on the market. It’s also a great deal of stress: after many patches, sleepless nights, and tests, you can finally enjoy the new website. But the launch is just the beginning of the long-term maintenance—there are things that should be taken care of regularly to increase your chances of success. Aside from the technical aspect of your webshop, there’s visibility and reach to consider.

#1 Make Sure Your Content Is Relevant

Valuable content is the absolute foundation of organic traffic, directly determining your website’s position in search results. Google values content based on the ease with which the user can find the searched information and grasp the answer.

You can compare it to maintaining an orchard—Google prefers those orchards where you can find 10 juicy apples instead of 100 bland ones. Your web content should be the juiciest apple on the internet. Click To Tweet

Use Appropriate Keywords

When you edit your content, you also have to think about keywords and queries popular among users. Equipped with those, you can build the content of your site. Here to the rescue come tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends.

Presenting your content the right way also determines whether your clients are willing to share it with others via social media. According to Adobe, visual content (e.g., video, infographics, gifs, etc.) boosts engagement by 650% over written content.

Content sharing helps strengthen the client-company bond more effectively.

Keep an Eye on Links

You shouldn’t forget about links, either. First, make sure all your links direct to reliable sources and that those websites still exist. Every 404 (website not found) link pushes your site further down in search results.

Outdated content also doesn’t help how your website is perceived. Even though Google isn’t able to determine whether a particular payment method is still used on your website or if your prices or terms and conditions are up to date, keeping them relevant is one of those things that positively influences how users perceive your store.

#2 Use the Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the more effective elements that help build engagement with your current and potential clients. I already mentioned about the importance of presenting your content in an engaging way.

Showing your products in the form of pictures, videos, or demonstrations not only increases the likelihood of purchase by 85% compared to a written review but also makes that product more likely to be shared on social media, which further increases the number of your potential clients.

Add a Share Button

To streamline the whole process, you have to make sure your visitors can share your content easily, with minimum effort—adding “share” buttons under your products is pretty much a necessity.

Aside from your customers’ contribution to sharing your website, it’s useful to have your own company profile on Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ and make frequent updates.

Social media services are also a good place to create a contest for users who will convince the highest number of friends to like your company’s profile.

#3 Build Loyalty

When you have a solid customer base, you should ensure those customers aren’t one-time buyers. Consider launching a loyalty program to turn those single-purchase customers into returning ones.

You can start by offering discount coupons.

Another frequently used strategy is to implement a referral program. Rewarding your customers with cash for referring your store to their friends who make a purchase is a tested method for increasing sales.

#4 Start Working with Influencers

Influencers are highly recognizable and have a considerable follower base—your potential customers. Some of the bloggers have millions of followers. Even if only 1% makes a purchase, it means serious revenue.

To find influencers in your industry, you can use Webstagram, which aggregates Instagram account data.

Optimize Your Store to Start Selling More

The launch of an online store is only a first step toward its successful future. Small businesses can jump-start their webshops by utilizing a growth strategy based on a combination of social media, loyalty programs, and content relevance. With the four steps from this article put in motion, you are increasing your reach and strengthening your brand’s position on the market.

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