6 eCommerce influencers

6 eCommerce Influencers You Should Follow

Polcode Team
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To stay ahead of the rapidly changing eCommerce world, you have to follow the latest trends and have a vast knowledge of the eCommerce market. There’s no better place to find all that information other than through the words of renowned people in the industry.

Here’s our list of five eCommerce influencers worth following.

Andrew Youderian

Catering to merchants that operate six- to seven-figure ventures, Andrew Youderian’s eCommerceFuel is a go-to place for serious entrepreneurs.

eCommerceFuel joins merchants who want to share their experiences with earning big money. At eCommerceFuel merchants will find support for pressing business matters such as saving money, increasing growth, and building a stable, thriving brand.

Andrew also runs a popular and insightful podcast where he discusses various eCommerce news and strategies as well as the current situation of established brands.

You can find him at eCommerceFuel and on his Twitter.

Felix Thea

Host at the Shopify Masters podcast and founder of Traffic & Sales website, Felix Thea covers everything connected with eCommerce. From web design to product packaging, Thea gives in-depth solutions to itching eCommerce matters in a clear and concise style.

Felix also runs a support Facebook group for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Find Felix at Traffic & Sales and on his Twitter.

Dave Chaffey

Any questions about digital marketing? Dave Chaffey will know the answer.

Dave has published numerous books on digital marketing as well as eCommerce. On his website Smart Insights, he helps entrepreneurs find their way in the intricate world of online business.

Smart Insights is a useful source of actionable statistics and analyses designed to improve your online venture.

Dave can be reached at Smart Insights and Twitter.

Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone is a walking eCommerce encyclopedia. He is the owner of Smart Marketer, a website for business owners where you can find courses, videos, and tools aimed to improve your eCommerce experience as an entrepreneur.

Ezra has also launched a support community for merchants to help them deal with common and uncommon problems in the industry.

You can find Ezra at Smart Marketer and Twitter.

Ben Marks

The Official Evangelist of Magento gives you up-to-the-point and insightful dose of all things Magento via his blog and Twitter account. Best practices, courses, tips and tricks, issues, and many, many more aspects of Magento Ben discusses in detail.

Find Ben at ReMarks and on his Twitter account.

Neil Patel

Co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout, and Hello Bar, Neil Patel helps business owners excel at marketing and increase their reach. Neil churns up plenty of valuable content on marketing, eCommerce, and SEO. This serial influencer serves his information clad in actionable, easily digestible manner.

Neil has been widely published on numerous websites in the industry, such as Entrepreneur, HubSpot, Inc., Social Media Examiner, and Forbes.

Neil can be reached at Neil Patel and Twitter.

By following influencers and listening to their advice, you are increasing your business’ chance to grow and succeed on the ever-growing eCommerce scene. Remember, staying up-to-date with the latest eCommerce news and trends helps your business stay ahead of the competition.

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