Scandlearn Business Benefits

Our developer teams and project managers gave Scandlearn the talent it needed to see through its product development to completion at efficient cost, leading to a wide range of strategic advantages:

  • Scalability as needed and faster time-to-market with 4 digital products created to acquire new customer segments.

  • Rapid launch of new website features and fixes into production within weeks with Polcode’s team augmentation services.

  • Enhanced site performance, reduced costs and optimized operations with AWS cloud providing full-spectrum compliance, security and uptime.

  • Global reach through international app stores via hybrid web and mobile crossplatform support with offline capabilities

  • Consolidation of key business objectives into one platform, with product, payment integrations, compliance and more all rolled into one site.

First Class Training With Polcode

Scandlearn provides first class aviation training through their digital learning management system. It features over 500 EASA-compliant flight training courses for all aviation levels, from major airlines to small aeroclubs. Trainees can complete training on any kind of device, at any time, anywhere. Training managers can also create their own custom courses, manage qualifications, download reports and remain FAA and EASA compliant from the admin interface.

When Scandlearn wanted to reimagine aviation training, they knew they had to leverage the whole spectrum of digital innovations: virtual reality, 3D rendering, gamification, and cloud-based accessibility. These modules all exist on mobile and the web, fully-flexible to meet all budgets and schedules while exceeding expectations. Polcode stepped in to build their all-in modular ecosystem, built on a customizable Learning Management System (LMS) and detailed user performance and qualification reporting & analysis tools, everything cloud-based, with a user-friendly design.

Building complex web & mobile app

Polcode produces and reviews most of Scandlearn’s codebase. As Scandlearn has grown over the years, the scope of Polcode’s deliverables has also become just as diverse. The hybrid application which seamlessly links web and mobile versions was built using Angular and lonic. Admins and users can manage their entire coursework load on any device, anywhere, from iOS and Android applications or desktop and tablet.

Scandlearn had four core products, all of which Polcode helped build and maintain:

  • EVOLVE: Modular learning management system
  • RADAR: Digital qualification, certification and automation
  • PROTOCOLS: Training records take paper records digital
  • GO: Hybrid mobile app with offline training access and automatic syncing to web versions

Hear from our client:

Outsourcing to programmers, developers and engineers can be challenging because of culture and language. Polcode is a trustworthy company, who always tries to find a solution for us. They’re always flexible and fulfill our wishes. We’ve been very happy with that.

Project Manager at Scandlearn

Augmenting Scandlearn’s Developer Team

Since Scandlearns product and ideas were already established, they needed to augment their team and combine developers with existing development workflows. Within days, Polcode jumped in on the initial project, providing the technical support and project management staff needed. Fast forward to today, and the latest projects involve continuous development and maintenance.

Scandlearn is a leading aviation industry training tool, with a full-featured system for pilots, crew, security, and new learners. Mobile access is possible through Polcode’s implementation of the hybrid app.


A flight deck for managers
Streamlined course creation
Automated certs and qualifications
Digital user evaluation

Learning on the fly with Scandlearn GO

With a modern and intuitive design, Scandlearn GO takes the essential web features, like modular course training, scheduling, certification views, etc.

and makes it all accessible from any mobile device. Offline mode means users can fit course training into any part of their busy livs, and the app will sync back to the web when they’re back online.

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