Summer internship at Polcode

Summer internship at Polcode – challenge yourself!

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The Internet is chock-full of resources and courses that encourage you to embark on a journey to become a professional programmer. And that’s great as it’s full of valuable information. Universities also attract young people with the perspective of joining their prestigious ranks, providing them with countless IT majors and specializations to choose from. But is getting an IT degree, completing a few online courses and a daily read of StackOverflow really enough for you to become a full-fledged developer?

Why internship?

At Polcode, we genuinely value people who, in the effort to further their knowledge, reach beyond the scope of their university courses. For this very reason, last year, we organized a summer holiday internship program, opening our doors to students willing to gain practical experience in developing web applications. Every year, we provide the opportunity to enthusiasts of Ruby on Rails and PHP.

PHP Internship (Magento)

During last year’s edition of our PHP internship, we focused on Magento, a leading eCommerce solution. We knew just how tough learning Magento can be. And so, to help the participants progress, we provided them with experienced mentors. Aside of Magento, the course included topics such as best coding practices, web app security and the basics of GIT, MySQL and RWD. The first month of the internship was full of learning and challenging practical exercises, which quickly bore fruit. The second half of the internship witnessed three of the trainees evolving from students to sidekicks of their mentors in actual Magento projects, promptly winning over initial skepticism of the clients. The internship ended in the middle of September, but the Magento interns stayed with us – now as Junior Developers.

With a little help from your mentor…

I really recommend that you join the Polcode internship program. The cool thing is that each intern gets their own mentor who helps them throughout the entire journey so even the least experienced programmer can overcome the toughest of challenges and improve code quality without having to browse the Internet for clues. Additionally, if you do well (and most people do:) ) it’s possible to stay after the program is over. I think that an internship like this is a perfect and stress-free way to enter the world of IT.

Łukasz – one of participants of the Magento internship 2015

Ruby on Rails internship

The Ruby on Rails (RoR) internship was a bit different. The first month followed the same pattern – developing RoR apps on your own, best practices, security and GIT. But the other half of the program had all of the participants work together on an app project developed under the guidance of a seasoned programmer. This approach allowed everyone to gain experience in working as part of a team, observe how the Team Leader manages a project and get familiar with project management systems, namely Redmine. How did it all go? Have a look at our Facebook post about Ada, one of the participants of the RoR internship, who now works as a regular RoR developer at Polcode.

Team project

Is it your turn now?

We’re now commencing the recruitment process for the 2016 summer edition of our internship program. We encourage every young and budding programmer passionate about PHP and RoR to take a look at our Career page, where we publish up-to-date announcements. The major requirement for those interested in learning Magento is a firm grasp of OOP PHP – it’s the fundamental knowledge that is necessary to make any further progress. As for the RoR internship, we require you to know the basics of the framework as well as the Ruby language. Both interns and other members of our team are also required to be proficient at speaking and writing in English, as we work almost exclusively for clients from abroad.

Constant learning

How difficult is it to get in?

See for yourself! Follow the link to find last year’s task for our previous batch of PHP internship hopefuls. Are you up to it?

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