Work, Evolve and Do What You Love

Polcode is a leading software house. We’ve been delivering ambitious IT projects for clients across the world for over 15 years.

We Know What You Like

Being a developer is not only about coding. It’s about evolving your passion.

Flexible Working Hours
Are you running late? OK. Need to get out of the office in the middle of the day? All right. You’ll be back to work after you settle your errands.
Work remotely
Over 50 of our devs works 100% remotely. You can too. Or maybe you prefer to work at the office and remotely only from time to time?
We Care About Your Development
Individual Professional Development budget, certificates, a vast library of e-books, in-company workshops — at Polcode we want you to never stop getting better at what you do.
Interesting Projects
Over 1,400 successfully completed projects for 800 clients from across the globe. Delivering a mixture of web and mobile technologies.
Frequent Get-Togethers
We like to hang out after work. We organize annual team building trips, various outings, board games tournaments, and sports activities.
Training Materials
We have a vast library of e-books and training platforms. If you think there’s something missing there, give us a shout. We’ll take care of it.
Newest Technologies
PHP 7, Symfony 4, Laravel 5.8, Magento 2, Ruby on Rails, React, Vue, Angular, AWS, Docker, want me to go on?
Knowledge Sharing
We share knowledge with each other as well as during conferences and meetups.

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team Polcode Joanna
Joanna Kowalczuk
HR Business Partner
I've been closely associated with the IT industry since the beginning of my career. Combining new technologies with creativity and emotions is what I value the most in my work. Still, my most important goal is matching the right employee with the right organization.
Olga Gaworek
Olga Gaworek
HR & EB Specialist
In my professional and private life, people matter the most. People, too, are the main reason why I majored in business psychology and dedicated my career to HR. I believe that if you do your best, all your efforts will be doubly rewarded.
Nina Zwarycz
Nina Zwarycz
HR Business Parter
At my work I try to connect professional HR and the newest technologies to create innovative work environment. In each person I’m looking for his personal talents and help to grow himself with organization. I’m also a big fan of any ideas from the Management 3.0 area.
Paulina Cygler
Paulina Cygler
HR Specialist
Polcode is synergy of what we're passionate about - I'm all about psychology, you're fascinated with programming. I deeply believe that developing your professional career is one of the core activities in life, which is why I'm happy to create a space where your needs and my company's requirements meet.