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Anna Bober - Solutions Architect
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Embarking on a career in IT, Anna Bober has journeyed from coding enthusiast to seasoned Developer and Solution Architect. Over two decades, her path has been marked by pivotal milestones, the evolution of front-end technologies, and groundbreaking work in Big Data, cloud solutions, and AI. Alongside her technical achievements, Anna’s passion for mentoring has guided many in the tech community. In this interview, Anna shares the key moments and insights that have defined her career, her approach to mentoring, and the exciting trends shaping the future of IT.

The journey through my career as a Developer and Solution Architect has been a wild ride full of milestones, learning curves, and a fair share of coffee. So, grab your favorite brew, get comfy, and let me show you around my world.

From Code to Architecture: The Milestones

This year marks your 20th year hands-on in programming and architecture. Can you walk us through some of the key milestones in your career?

From a young age, I knew IT was my calling. But it was never just about coding someone else’s ideas for me. I loved creating the vision for the final product, modeling it, gathering business requirements, and turning them into a functional application.

Coding Adventure Begins

One of the first major turning points in my career was discovering Symfony. After years of working with pure PHP, Symfony came along and completely changed my perspective. It showed me how easily MVC and other design patterns could be integrated, making development more structured and efficient. This framework didn’t just organize my code; it organized my thinking.

A New Era of User Interaction: Frontend Evolution

As I continued to grow, the evolution of front-end technologies brought reactive frameworks into the picture. This was a game-changer for user interaction, and I was right there, adapting and learning every step of the way.

Expanding Horizons with Big Data Projects

But the journey didn’t stop there. I had the opportunity to co-create a project with Big Data, which broadened my architectural perspective and introduced me to Python and AWS. This experience was a revelation, opening up new dimensions of what was possible in system architecture.

The New Blueprint: Serverless Architecture, Cloud Solutions and Architectural Patterns

Serverless architecture was the next leap forward. It completely changed how I thought about deploying and managing applications. This shift led me to delve deeper into cloud solutions, especially AWS, and specialize in architectural patterns. Learning from the “big guys” through various case studies was invaluable and helped me refine my approach to solution architecture.

Machine Learning and AI Step Into the Spotlight

Working on projects powered by machine learning and AI pushed my problem-solving skills to new heights. These technologies allowed me to think outside the box of straightforward solutions and explore innovative approaches to complex problems.

Mentoring: The Ripple Effect

Can you share your approach to mentoring and how you support professional growth of others?

As I navigated through my career, I realized the importance of support and guidance. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a mentor in my early days. However, I found immense support within the tech community through networking. Now, as a Tech Leader, I’m passionate about mentoring my colleagues and ensuring they have the guidance I once lacked.

I’ve created a detailed development circle, much like a ‘circle of life’ for professional growth, outlining typical self-improvement paths and discussing these with my mentees. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see them advance and achieve their goals. I prepare specific tasks to help them progress and regularly check in to see how they’re doing. By doing so, I ensure they are constantly challenged and motivated.

The Future is Now: Trends in System Architecture

What are some of the exciting trends you’re seeing in the IT industry?

The IT industry is buzzing with exciting trends, and it’s an incredible time to be part of this field. Machine learning and AI are at the forefront of this revolution. The rise of these technologies is undeniable, and every company, not just the giants, will need to analyze their data for machine learning potential. This means a shift towards data lakes, data science analysis, and training smaller models.

Adapting to change is crucial in this rapidly evolving landscape. The future lies in flexible, adaptable architecture, and helping companies adjust to these changes is an exciting challenge.

Agile Teams: The Heartbeat of Innovation

How has working with Agile teams impacted your career?

Working with Agile teams has been a game-changer in my career. The most valuable practices for me include empowering teams that understand and drive business goals. However, there’s often a gap in client understanding. Clients tend to set numerous requirements and expect a fixed budget, which isn’t Agile. Bridging this gap requires effective communication and a shared vision.

Best Practices in Solution Architecture

What are some best practices you follow in creating modern solution architectures?

Creating modern solution architectures requires a solid approach. Learning from established patterns and case studies is crucial. Thoroughly analyzing business drivers is key to crafting effective solutions. These practices ensure that the solutions we create are robust, scalable, and aligned with business goals.

As we wrap up, how would you summarize your journey as a Solution Architect?

My journey as a Solution Architect has been filled with growth, challenges, and countless lines of code. Each milestone has shaped me into the professional I am today. And while I’ve come a long way, I’m excited about the endless possibilities the future holds.

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