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On-demand webinar: Turn customers into fans

Turn customers into fans by engaging them on any channel, at any stage and at any time.

Dive into the latest customer engagement technologies and see what marketers are doing to turn potential customers into brand loyalists.

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What's in it for you?

After this webinar, you’ll be able to:

Understand how to meet customers anywhere

To build modern loyalty, brands must engage all audiences over channels they prefer—social media, SMS, in-app, voice and email—all funneled into one engagement platform.

Survive the shift to digital-first communication

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation like never before, and there’s no going back. 95% of businesses intend to continue building and maintaining their new engagement platforms.

Build communication channels, fast

Twilio Communications APIs and platforms like Twilio Journeys make it possible for developers to implement and deploy new digital customer engagement channels in as little as 28 days.

Discover how customer engagement technologies work

Learn about the technologies behind customer engagement and the latest innovations in the space that are powering its design, development, and deployment.

See a real-world success story

Polcode and Bonzo built an engagement platform using Twilio’s Communication APIs that allow Bonzo to build a richer view of their customers, generate leads and build after-sales relationships.


by Joanna Jabłońska (Polcode)
Customer Engagement - Trends & Stats
by Anne Uekermann (Twilio)

Twilio’s COVID-19 Digital Engagement Report and the 2021 Customer Engagement survey reports on how the pandemic breakout in early 2020 has accelerated Digital Transformation. We will understand what trends have developed and how brands are responding to an increased demand from customers to be available across different channels and how this impacts brand loyalty, customer lifetime value and lastly the bottom line.

Customer Engagement - Project with Polcode and Bonzo
by Jason Perkins (Bonzo)
  • Innovative customer engagement features
  • System integrations with other platforms
  • Challenges of building, designing and deploying
  • Business Outcomes
by Joanna Jabłońska (Polcode)
by Joanna Jabłońska (Polcode)
Anne Uekermann webinar

Anne Uekermann

Senior Marketing Manager (Twilio)

As Senior Marketing Manager at Twilio, Anne is responsible for all marketing activities in the DACH region. For more than 15 years she has been passionate about customer engagement and customer experience management, building these out at Qualtrics, Allianz and Kantar among others. She advises internal and external customers on how targeted, digital customer communication has a positive effect on customer loyalty and higher customer lifetime value.

Jason Perkins webinar

Jason Perkins

CEO and Co-Founder (Bonzo)

CEO and Co-Founder of Bonzo, a sales engagement platform. Bonzo helps sales advisors scale their reputation and voice across multiple platforms to drive meaningful conversations with customers, leads, and partners. "People do business with people - we want to empower that philosophy so every sales advisor can scale their unique voice," says Jason.

Joanna Jabłońska webinar

Joanna Jabłońska

Delivery Team Lead (Polcode)

Delivery Team Lead who works closely with web & mobile developers to deliver digital solutions to Polcode’s clients from all over the world. She strongly supports tailor-made solutions over a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Joanna thrives on making people's professional lives easier by showing them the positive impact of Polcode’s dedicated software that can be nearly effortlessly integrated with Twilio products. What she finds crucial when working with customers is good communication, so she’s always ready to listen.