Building a Smarter IVR Call Center with Twilio Studio

Building a Smarter IVR Call Center with Twilio Studio

Polcode Team
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When GreenWay needed to upgrade their hotline with a more elaborate, intelligent and autonomous Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, Polcode implemented Twilio Build IVR solutions to give callers the support quality they deserve.

About GreenWay

GreenWay is the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Poland and part of the largest network of EV charging stations in Central & Eastern Europe. As one would imagine, an EV charging network provider needs a robust 24/7 support solution to help drivers, owners, logistics and transportation owners navigate challenges in the real world.

That’s why GreenWay chose to develop a smarter, more sophisticated IVR on their hotline. As an official Twilio Technology Partner, Polcode’s expertise in building IVR features turned out to be the perfect match.

“We knew we wanted to work with an official partner of Twilio when developing the call solution. Polcode has proven to be a very reliable partner. They very carefully recognized our needs and understood the way our company and customer service function.”
—Grzegorz Sońta, Head of Customer Service at GreenWay

The Challenge: Improving Customer Experiences

A well-designed IVR system is fairly straightforward to build with tools provided by Twilio Studio. Twilio IVR systems go far beyond the “Press 1” responses and give customers a more dynamic experience. There were many ways to empower GreenWay’s phone customers, but the most important challenge was to make it easy for them to navigate through a smart scripted IVR system, and give users more detailed scenarios to resolve issues.

In the future, GreenWay can use Twilio-powered IVRs to handle simple transactions (e.g unlock accounts, assign RFID cards) on the phone without any agent-intervention. Being able to further improve the IVR system with richer features was another reason that the client chose to develop the solution using Twilio Studio.

The Solution: Building with Twilio Studio


The first development task involved creating a dashboard for GreenWay’s hotline. Simple statistics were shown, such as the number of calls received, as well as calls “dropped” from users who had disconnected while waiting in the queue. We also developed a call history tracker that covered the last 24 hours, showing GreenWay management information about the caller, call duration, as well as the phone line or agent that served the connection.

Call Scenarios

Twilio Studio provides everything needed to build "scenarios" and paths for the client to adapt their call center on the fly with IVR scripts. Previously, GreenWay only used Twilio as their communications provider, but Twilio Studio enables richer interaction pathways, including:

  • Call and receive instructions on what to do to connect with a consultant
  • Information about service disruptions or downtime
  • Instructions and guides for using EV charges

In addition, GreenWay can modify these paths as needed. For example, when there is a global service disruption, they can add a message at the very beginning of the call and thus relieve a large volume of callers to the hotline (customers can willingly end the call, knowing that the problem is being addressed).

“Code quality from Polcode was top notch. Polcode developers are very professional and carry out their work to the highest standards. They even provided basic Twilio Studio training to us which helped us understand the project from their perspective.”
—Grzegorz Sońta, Head of Customer Service at GreenWay

Integrating with CRMs

The IVR function was integrated with GreenWay’s CRM (Zoho Desk) through which they track support tickets. The integration provides rich customer data, call recordings and call details for keeping logs of all previous interactions.

How Polcode Implemented Twilio IVR

The process itself consisted of creating a script in Twilio Studio, creating webhooks (URL addresses) in the application and directing the so-called Events (requests sent by Twilio every time there is any change during the connection with the client). Designing the scenario required the anticipation of various possible contingencies, as well as links with external functions, which, for example, checked the working hours and days and returned the appropriate value. Polcode also implemented contingencies that would query the Twilio API for data that was missing in the request, that are necessary for their Zoho Desk CRM and other functions to work properly.

The Outcomes: Seamless Teamwork

The result was a successful implementation of digital IVR software tools that enable better customer service and more detailed analysis of caller flows. The data gathered can now be translated into insights, which funnel into improving GreenWay’s KPIs and business development strategy.

GreenWay has successfully launched a fully functional Interactive Voice Response system created with the latest features offered by Twilio Studio design. The new solution is considerably more powerful at handling all types of call scenarios, and provides a stable and reliable hotline. End users reported that it was easier, faster and more efficient to access GreenWay call support, without the fear of disconnecting—a common issue from their previous solution. On GreenWay’s side, developing with Twilio IVR opened up opportunities for improved reporting, traffic tracking, and KPI results delivered in real time.

With the IVR system in place, GreenWay gained the ability to build a more advanced call center, with functionality that includes:

  • Faster real-time routing, voice recognition and dynamic IVR solutions powered by machine learning powered automation optimizations.
  • Create customer-centric call automation scripts that alleviate frustrations and stress on call agents (especially during times of high volume customer calls).
  • Better agent assistance enabling them to send an appropriate response in the form of callback or email, driven by integration with their CRM.
  • Enhanced caller tracking contained within a single dashboard that allows GreenWay to clearly visualize their call volumes and disconnect rates in order to take action in real time.
  • Improved reporting and business KPI metrics as a result of connecting the GreenWay Support Center to their Zoho Desk CRM.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • Trust-based collaboration between GreenWay’s well-established hotline knowledge, plus Polcode’s expertise in building digital call solutions with Twilio Studio. Polcode made it transparent to verify our work and code, allowing GreenWay to participate in presentations and tests. Polcode also provided Twilio Studio training to help GreenWay carry out some operations on their own without developer intervention.
  • Building with scale in mind to enable even more digital telephony features down the road, by integrating Twilio Studio and their CRM. This paves the way for voice-triggered responses, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA) and more.
  • Launching features iteratively, beginning with a new dashboard with call statistics, call history, agent profiles, KPIs and extended report views.
  • Using Twilio Studio to gain complete control of phone tree and routing logic, and design the solution with speed and efficiency.

On-demand webinar: Twilio implementation in GreenWay

Check how GreenWay improved customer engagement by implementing Twilio Studio with the assistance of our team.

On-demand webinar: Twilio implementation in GreenWay

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