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Bestshop24 Quadruples Sales After Reviving Online Store

Polcode Team
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When a German-based e-commerce merchant wanted to diversify away from Amazon's expensive commissions and delivery issues, Polcode helped them relaunch their online store, leading to increased sales, improved site performance and new customer data insights.

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Bestshop24 is an e-commerce brand based in Berlin, Germany, offering esthetic household and home decor products made with high-quality European workmanship. Originally, before deciding to revive their old online webstore, most of their sales ran through Amazon. The store was in pretty bad shape as it had largely been neglected for years and customers were dissatisfied with slow page loading speeds. 

That’s why it was crucial to revitalize the client’s site performance issues before they could successfully restart sales on their website.

“When we started working with Polcode, our store was a forgotten and poorly functioning sales channel.
Within a year of work, we managed to achieve a 400% increase in sales.
Polcode contributed so much to the success and performance of our store.”
— Przemysław Sieg, CEO at

Polcode to the Rescue

Polcode analyzed Bestshop24’s technical setup, and provided a bespoke roadmap to revamp their e-commerce store that was able to launch within weeks. Our teams took over the project from the brand’s previous developers, and the primary goal was to improve the overall experience of the store, as well as introduce modern e-commerce feature sets, including:

  1. Faster page load speed & performance
  2. Migrate to a better server
  3. Enable better customer features
  4. General backend re-maintenance
  5. Recommendations
  6. Customer feedback & insights

Because of the performance issue with the store’s slow page load speeds, we migrated servers and performed an analysis of the site’s frontend code.

Throughout the project, Polcode also handled various frontend and backend development tasks, introducing new features, and generating new areas of content that could improve the customer experience journey.

“The quality of the code left no doubt about the talent of Polcode’s tech specialists. But we also valued their e-commerce business perspectives and online store advice when it comes to non-technical related issues.”
— Przemysław Sieg, CEO at Bestshop24

Relaunching the Store

In addition to fixing performance issues and introducing new features, Polcode also cleaned house in terms of code. We conducted a series of bug fixes and eliminated many of the mistakes that were made by the previous development team. Bestshop24 was ready to launch their new and improved website with confidence, and also had a much-improved operations flow, without the pesky bugs that plagued their administrators beforehand.

  • Faster Page Load Speeds

We significantly improved page loading speeds, which were taking up to 30 seconds before the website overhaul, reducing it down to a minimum of 5 seconds.

  • Customer Sales up 400%

The webstore was able to increase customer sales by 400% compared to the month before we started our cooperation.

  • Happier Customers

The site was able to gather more nuanced customer data insights by moving interactions onto their platform compared to analytics delivered by Amazon.

“Communication with the Polcode team exceeded our wildest expectations. Polcode was frequent with updates, highly available when we needed them, and were always in contact with daily and weekly progress updates.”
— Przemysław Sieg, CEO at Bestshop24

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