Customer Story: Delivering online mentoring to over 15,000 users with Polcode

Distance learning has become a cornerstone of education since the coronavirus outbreak. The team at Polcode recently wrapped up an exciting e-learning project for MyConsultingCoach which we hope shows the advantages of a digital learning platform, some of which aren’t always possible in a traditional, physical classroom.

MyConsultingCoach (MCC) is a training site that helps over 15,000 members learn about consulting management, personalized to their needs. It helps learners schedule and practice their interview tactics before applying to major consulting firms. Meanwhile, coaches and university lecturers can deliver bespoke courses or monetize their services.

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Providing a holistic, personalized learning experience to consultancy training was one of the core business requirements for MCC, which meant our dev teams needed to bring together a range of services and technologies, all within a single, easy-to-use web interface. 

Web architecture was designed using MySQL, Redis and PHP, forming the basis for the site to seamlessly deliver hundreds of video tutorials, interview examples and lectures. Users can make progress at their own pace, get coursework based on their individual needs, and apply their knowledge through tests, quizzes and grades.

This culminates in arranging mock interviews on the site with other consultants in training, or experts at the interview process. Users can post that they’re looking to practice interviewing, or purchase one-on-one sessions with verified coaches who monetize their coursework through the platform, thanks to payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal

Polcode also designed the user panels for various segments: University managers, consulting coaches, student-trainees, and the admins of MCC. 

We were thrilled to continue working with Polcode because of their responsiveness, detailed estimates, and how their developers and project managers had a good understanding of business and really clicked with our team.

– Giovanni Braghieri, Co-Founder of MyConsultingCoach 

This project was one of many distance learning projects that Polcode has had the opportunity to build and deliver. We were able to significantly reduce their in-house development costs with our combined experience in building ecommerce, distance learning and web apps. 

We encourage you to read the full case study if you want to learn more!


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