Październik 13 2017

PHP 7—Is Your Business Up to Date?

Cutting Down on Power Consumption PHP 7 uses fewer server resources than its earlier versions, which equals less energy consumption and lower energy costs generated by hardware powering PHP 7 web apps. With lower power consumption comes also one more benefit—less CO2 emission. Even [...]

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Październik 6 2017

Are CRM Platforms Worth It?

What CRM Systems Do? CRM systems are robust platforms designed for in-depth business management of customer data. Depending on the CRM software, businesses can improve their marketing efforts, selling capabilities, scheduling, and reporting, to name a few.Who Are CRM Platforms [...]

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Wrzesień 29 2017

WordPress 5.0—What Can We Expect?

Currently, the last stable release of WordPress is 4.8.1, so we’re still pretty far off from the 5.0 release (scheduled for December 2017). But there are already speculations about the future WP features, some of which Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, discussed during this year’s [...]

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