On-demand webinar: How to save money on software development

Unlock the secrets to cost-efficient software development

We unveil tested strategies and methods that will revolutionize the way you approach your projects.

Whether you're a startup or an established business, or a project manager, or a CEO, you'll discover how to maximize your budget, streamline your processes, and deliver top-notch software – all of that without sacrificing quality and performance.

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During our webinar we'll:

Talk about software development methodologies

  • Encourage thoughtful planning for seamless integration between development and product teams
  • Emphasize collective responsibility for high-quality software delivery
  • Guide through steps of an agile and effective development process

Delve into technical aspects of efficient software development

  • Leverage ready-made solutions for time and effort savings
  • Explore well-designed architecture for flexibility and scalability
  • Discuss eco-friendly practices and AI integration
  • Demonstrate how to maximize available tools and avoid common mistakes

Conclude with the value of managed IT services

  • Explain a comprehensive approach to technology needs
  • Address recruitment, mentoring, and team formation
  • Highlight the importance of a trusted, proven team for overall success



by Anna Bober, Solutions Architect at Polcode and Jerzy Zawadzki, CTO at Polcode

Boosting Efficiency

A Deep Dive into Effective Software Development Methodologies (think it through, common cause, agile)

Exploring What Lies Beneath

Technical Aspects of Software Development (architecture, sustainable development, AI and more)

Unlocking Potential

The Power of Managed IT Services

Q&A Session

Time for Your Questions!

Jerzy Zawadzki CTO at Polcode

Jerzy Zawadzki

Chief Technology Officer

I’ve got 18 years of commercial experience in web development (with full stack background and main focus on PHP).

Over 14 years at Polcode, of which 6 years as a CTO. I always keep up with the latest tech trends to ensure my team remains competitive. I focus on fostering teamwork and innovation to deliver efficient software solutions.

I align technology with our clients’ needs, develop our Technological Pillars, and support clients on the strategy-technology front. You might see me both offline on important tech events and online on our social media profiles—commenting on tech trends and sharing my knowledge.

Anna Bober

Solutions Architect

18 years of experience in the IT industry has taught me that flexibility, willingness to learn and the ability to understand the user’s needs are the most important factors that lead to success.

My coding expertise covers primarily Python but I have also experience with other programming languages. Recently, I have focused on designing and developing innovative solutions using micro-services and serverless architecture, based on cloud (AWS is my favourite), as well as creating big data solutions.

I’m open to using tech novelties designed to make working easier and more efficient, but I’m also trying to keep a healthy balance between these novelties and mature solutions.