Do IT Better: I have an idea! Where to start product development?

Do IT better is a podcast designed for digital product builders, product owners, startup founders and everyone who's into product building.

We’ll be sharing our experiences gained during managing complex IT projects for global clients in SaaS businesses, fintech, education, ecommerce and many more.

Since Polcode’s foundation in 2006, we've completed over 1000 projects. And by always putting the best quality, partner approach and trustworthiness on top of our services, we are now ready to share our tips and stories we’ve gained.

Episode #2: I have an idea! Where to start product development?

In the second episode of “Do IT better”, we'll be delving into the topic of strategy - one of the fundamental aspects of successful product development.

  • We will explore the key differences in strategy between big corporations and start-ups, and what it takes to build a solid strategy that will set you up for success.
  • We will also discuss the various tools that can be used to develop and refine your strategy,
  • Then we’ll turn our attention to product discovery - a crucial step in the product development process. We will explore how to identify the right product to develop, and what factors to consider when making this decision.
  • Finally, we'll also take a deep dive into the topic of what it takes to start making profit from your product.

Whether you're a seasoned product development professional or just starting out in the field, this episode has something for you. Tune in now to learn more about the ins and outs of product development strategy, product identification, discovery, competitors, and many more!

Joanna Jabłońska webinar

Joanna Jabłońska

Delivery Team Lead (Polcode)

Delivery Team Lead who works closely with web & mobile developers to deliver digital solutions to Polcode’s clients from all over the world. She strongly supports tailor-made solutions over a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Joanna thrives on making people's professional lives easier by showing them the positive impact of Polcode’s dedicated software that can be nearly effortlessly integrated with Twilio products. What she finds crucial when working with customers is good communication, so she’s always ready to listen.

Miłosz Lisiecki PMO Team Lead at Polcode

Miłosz Lisiecki

PMO Team Lead

A PMO Team Lead at Polcode. Experienced in product ownership and management in many business fields, also building relations with customers, and in... coding, since I was a full-stack developer. I love sharing my experience, actionable ideas, and information about management in IT with a special weakness for agile methodologies, Scrum especially. Interested in building user-friendly applications solving both consumer and business problems, passionate about artificial intelligence and the possibilities it gives, and continuous improvement. Privately, a big music lover with vinyls everywhere!

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