Why Businesses Go For GO in IT [Use Cases]

Why Businesses Go For GO in IT [Use Cases]

Mariia Sapon - Product Owner
7 minutes read

In times when businesses need to build apps that scale, Golang (also known as Go) is becoming a popular choice. To the extent that it has become the language of choice for some of the most high-demand businesses, including e-commerce and FinTech.

Today, we'll give you a sneak peek why and how businesses can use Golang to build scalable solutions, why it's becoming a go-to language for many, and how YOU can get started with this programming language in your project.

Firstly, what is Golang?

Created by Google and designed to scale beautifully, Go programming language is the perfect choice for creating apps that are both powerful and easy to use. With a great focus on concurrent programming, Golang makes it simple to improve both performance and scalability without sacrificing simplicity.

Why is everyone talking about Golang

The answer is simple: because it comes with many business benefits. The impressive simplicity makes it stand out, while its ease of adaptation makes it appealing.

However, if you need a bit more persuasion, here are a few business benefits from implementing Golang:

#1 Application speed and performance

For the business seeking to make a splash in the market, Golang offers unparalleled app speed and performance. All this comes hand-in-hand with an easy-to-use language that keeps applications running at optimal speed.

#2 Simple and effective application development and maintenance

Golang makes application development and maintenance a breeze - perfect for businesses that need to create efficient applications. With its simple and effective language, the development process is streamlined, meaning you get your applications out in the world faster. It also saves time and money in application development and maintenance.

#3 Scalability and reliability of the application

Golang provides businesses with scalability and reliability of the utmost quality. Applications can easily scale to accommodate large numbers of users; that’s a particularly useful feature for businesses hoping for quick growth in their user base.

Go with Golang and keep that all important edge in the market.

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How Golang addresses specific business challenges

When it comes to addressing specific business challenges, Golang is an excellent choice. Its powerful programming language and speed of execution make it ideal for solving complex problems quickly and efficiently. Let us bring it a little closer, with listing the following challenges:

#1 Streamlining processes

For many companies, especially in fintech or ecommerce industries, streamlining processes is a major challenge. When you get more processes working together faster, you can enable better customer experience and increased efficiency.

Golang helps to do that with its support of concurrent programming, which means several tasks can be handled at the same time. This capability significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to process tasks, leading to more efficient and effective operations.

#2 Growing business

Of course, the fact that company is growing is usually nothing short of "happy news". But it can bring its own set of challenges, especially when dealing with scalability.

Golang solves this problem by providing a fast and efficient way to develop applications that can handle growing user loads. Its high performance ensures that your applications keep up with the demand, while maintaining reliability and stability.

#3 Sharing slow website assets

With complex financial websites of multi layers and multiple databases, the loading time could become a major issue. Companies, of course, research ways to speed up website loading times significantly by compressing and minifying code. This reduction in size increases the speed of delivery, resulting in better user experience and greater efficiency for your business operations – so naturally, that's what you're aiming for.

Golang’s lightweight codebase and lightning-fast execution speed make it an ideal choice for improving overall performance.

#4 Working across various regions

Huge multinational companies often have a need to manage their operations from multiple regions. This can be difficult when different systems and databases are located in disparate locations. On top of that, it becomes even more complicated when different teams need access to the same data.

Golang provides a unified platform that enables cross-platform collaboration and rapid development of applications across multiple regions. Its ability to scale on demand allows multiple teams to work together without worrying about compatibility issues or burdening resources.

#5 Multithreading

While programming, it is common to require concurrent processing of multiple tasks. Especially in an enterprise environment, where the workloads are high and varied, multithreading can be a powerful tool for optimizing operations.

Golang simplifies this process with its support for concurrency and asynchronous execution, providing the power needed to reconsider the efficiency of the code. Thanks to goroutines, Go significantly simplifies and supports multithreaded programming. This feature makes it easier to write efficient, concurrent programs that can handle complex tasks with ease.

In our on-demand webinar, we'll show you how Golang can help you overcome challenges in more detail.

How to get started with Golang – watch our free on-demand webinar

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