White labelled SaaS solutions

White Labeled SaaS Solutions Will Save You Time and Money

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Customizable solutions for your SaaS tools can reduce your costs, save you time and give you that native look your business needs to thrive.

Buying the license to a white-labeled tool for your SaaS solutions can save your company time and money, and give you the opportunity to implement new services very quickly.

Companies using SaaS tools are realizing that the increase in mobile usage means that looking native is more important than ever. Since the majority of viewed content is on mobile, optimizing that view is extremely important for these businesses. A couple of years ago, the average person spent about five hours a day on their mobile device, and it’s safe to assume that the number of hours has increased since then.

It’s also extremely important that your business is up-to-date with the latest technologies and features, in order to maintain your current users, but also to expand your user base. Things move quickly, and it’s vital to any business’ success to be able to develop and implement the latest services and products with a short time to market.

What is White labeling?

White label mobile apps are a generic application framework that your company can customize. These products and tools are produced by one party and then sold to a second party who then customizes it with their branding and logos. Once these products are rebranded, they will either be used by this second party for their own use or can be sold off to a third party.

In many cases, although there can be some limitations in terms of control over an app’s features, design, and functions, it is a fantastic way to get a profitable SaaS business out on the market quickly, with minimal financial investment.

How White Labeling works for SaaS tools

First, a white-label supplier builds an unbranded product or service. They sell this unbranded product or service to a business.

Later, this business will stamp their logo and branding all over the product or service. They will use it as their own and this product or service will be implemented into their existing solutions.

Finally, the end-user will use the now fully customized solution, without ever knowing that it was originally an unbranded product or service. As a result of the customization, the end-user will also have a native-looking application, regardless of the device there are using.

Why Whitelabel?

White labeling is becoming more popular among companies using SaaS tools. There are a lot of SaaS e-commerce companies looking to work with these first-party enterprises to create custom features and interfaces for their products or services. If their business relies on multiple SaaS tools, which is normally the case, having a cohesiveness is extremely important to their user experience. 

There is a lot of customization, in these white-labeled tools, that can take place to ensure your app and website look native. Especially as this trend is continuing to grow and more and more e-commerce companies switching to SaaS tools, we will begin to see more and more personalization options. Customization options already include branding, logos, pricing plans, and identity – your users will have no way of knowing your product or service has been white-labeled. 

Although the development process might look different, the fact is that white-labeled apps give you the opportunity to save time and money, while having your full branding and the native look you need for your business growth. It isn’t always affordable to have to build new tools or services from scratch, and doing so can also be very time-consuming. Though this isn’t always the case with web and mobile development purchasing a license to a white-labeled product or service is generally a shorter process. It helps to give you the opportunity to focus on your business and what is important to you, rather than spending additional time and money on large development projects.

Benefits of White Labeling

Keeps your business current

Rather than spending time and money waiting for the development of new tools or features, using a white label tool allows you to get these features or services out on the market in a much shorter time. This helps to ensure that your users aren’t going to start looking elsewhere. 

Land more clients

Increasing the scope of your offerings will make you more attractive to new customers, and keep your existing ones. Using white labeled products for your SaaS tools give you the opportunity to widen your scope with ease and speed, in turn increasing your user-base.

Customization and looking native

Looking native is becoming more and more important with the increasing use of mobile devices. Using white-labeled tools can provide a simple solution to maintaining a native look for your web and mobile applications.

Saving time and money

Development from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming. With the speed at which technology is moving, businesses can’t afford to waste time nor money – being up-to-date and relevant is more important than ever to a business’s success.

Providing your users with cost-saving solutions

The less money you spend on development, the more opportunity you’ll have to increase your own revenue. White-labeled SaaS products and services allow you to provide your users with cost-effective solutions, and in turn, can increase your earnings.

Expand your offerings quickly

If you have new features and tools that you want to get out on the market, and quickly, buying licenses for white-labeled tools is ideal. They are easy to customize with your branding and can be implemented and launched incredibly fast.

Focus on your business

Less time and money spent on development processes allow you to focus on what is important to you and your business – sales. Adding your branding to a proven service or software means that you can put your time and energy into focussing on your sales funnel or other company processes.

Save time and money with white-labeled SaaS solutions

Using your unique branding to offer your products or services using white-labeled tools is a great way to increase your revenue while reducing your spending. From-scratch development can be expensive, but also time-consuming, and customizing white-labeled tools allows you to put your time to better use. White-labeled SaaS tools are extremely beneficial for e-commerce solutions, allowing your business to thrive.

With the long hours spent on our mobile devices, having your business looking native is becoming increasingly important. This, combined with the need to keep your online products and services up-to-date, is exactly why white-labeled SaaS tools can be invaluable to your business success.

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