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As remote developers who don’t always meet our clients in-person, building trust across the digital divide is our #1 goal in any project. Our client reviews on are carried out independently and give a real inside view into how Polcoders put trust-building, good work ethic and teamwork into every project we do.

“I think they are really strong communicators, which is incredibly important when you are outsourcing a project.” – Joseph Trinsey, Owner at Trinsey Apps LLC

Reading project feedback from our clients is one of the highlights of working at Polcode—when they’re satisfied and succeeding in the world, we know we’ve contributed something meaningful.

In the world of outsourcing, team extension and remote work, there’s nothing more important than clear communication and feeling like you’re actually working together as a team. 

In 2020, we noticed that many of our clients seemed really satisfied with how Polcode teams were highly communicative, trustworthy and enjoyable to work with in their reviews. We’d like to share and reflect on some of these reviews coming from, which can be found here!

About Clutch

Clutch runs a review system that helps businesses decide who they really want to work with. Their analysts conduct interviews without any involvement from the firm being reviewed, which helps potential clients make an unbiased decision before ‘hiring’ a software house or agency.

Polcode Named Top Web Developer 2020 Poland

Polcode has been lucky enough to have 17 of our clients to agree to be interviewed by Clutch and share their experiences. They ranged anywhere from Custom Software Development, Team Extension, Web & Mobile Development or E-commerce Development projects.

Typically, they interviewed only one person on the client’s side, who was the most responsible for leading the project or hiring developers. With a 4.9/5-star rating, Polcode was named Top Web Developers 2020 Poland, something that wouldn’t have been possible without both our clients and internal teams coming together to get great things done.

“The quality of their work, dedication, and professionalism set them apart.” – CTO, Engagement Labs

Scanning Our Reviews

The review pages are dashboard-esque, serving as a quick glimpse into the Polcode-client relationship. If interested, these reviews can be expanded to more detailed questions with get into the nitty-gritty details. Overall, a Clutch review shows the following information:

  • Rating
  • Quality of work
  • Schedule and Timeliness
  • Cost
  • Willingness to Refer to Others
  • Location of the client
  • Project Summary
  • Feedback Summary
  • Detailed interview questions

Developers You Actually Want To Work With

There are a lot of good technically skilled developers out there. But we think what sets Polcode teams apart is that we also focus on soft-skills and collaboration. It’s inspiring to see that our reviews reflect the success of this approach.

“We were thrilled to continue working with Polcode because of their responsiveness, detailed estimates, and how their developers and project managers had a good understanding of business and really clicked with our team.” – Giovanni Braghieri, Co-Founder of MyConsultingCoach

We’re proud when we help clients succeed in their endeavors, while also being part of the team. Whether it’s using the tools they’re familiar with, joining daily standups, and sharing our daily habits, we think a client-remote team that performs better, makes a better project end-result.

Another big thanks to our clients who left detailed reviews about our work partnership and their business results. We’re hoping to see many more appear soon!

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