Surviving the Downturn with IT Team Extension

Surviving the Downturn with IT Team Extension

Marek Bober - Business Development Manager
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From a small independent digital agency to an international corporation, many businesses are struggling with the economic downturn caused by the recent pandemic. This is especially true for digital agencies, who must compete in a fiercely competitive landscape and prioritize cost-cutting measures to stay afloat.

But how can these digital agencies remain competitive while still containing costs? The answer lies in IT team extension – an effective strategy that allows digital agencies to extend their existing technical resources without significantly increasing their overhead cost.

In this blog post, we look at what IT team extension is, its potential benefits and challenges, and tips on implementing it to help your digital agency survive the crisis and stay ahead of the competition.

What is IT Team Extension

IT Team Extension is a strategy that allows digital agencies to extend their existing technical resources without significantly increasing their overhead costs. It involves leveraging external service providers and outsourcing teams to access specialized talent and benefit from cost savings, scalability, and flexibility.

Benefits of IT Team Extension

For many digital agencies, considering IT team extension during periods of economic crisis can be a smart way to optimize quite a few internal processes.

#1 Reducing overhead costs

Rather than limit their options and settle for expensive in-house solutions, companies are able to leverage the cost benefits associated with externalizing ever-evolving IT needs and concentrate on strengthening other facets of the organization instead.

Through careful consideration of competencies and active monitoring, an IT Team Extension will reduce the burden on both time and money so organizations can stay afloat during difficult times and enter brighter days prepared – without a hole in their pockets.

#2 Providing access to specialized talent

Those working in the IT industry understand how great having access to specialized talent can be for any given project. Especially during times of crisis, having a reliable IT team extension is invaluable. When the stakes are high, personnel with specialized skills that you can use to tackle urgent tasks and projects provides much-needed peace of mind.

From experienced DevOps engineers to cutting-edge software developers, having access to niche specialists when you need them most can give any organization the boost it needs to survive in tough times.

#3 Scaling quickly with minimal disruption

In times of crisis, the ability to scale quickly with minimal disruption can be a lifesaver for companies. IT Team Extension is the perfect solution for this, as it allows organizations to expand their teams efficiently with experienced professionals who will hit the ground running.

In addition to saving time, they facilitate smooth transitions that minimize any disruption. Who doesn't want an expert on their team? With IT Team Extension, businesses can rest assured that disaster prevention and management constraints are handled with ease and efficiency.

#4 Getting increased flexibility in terms of staffing

The world continues to experience ever-changing circumstances, and having an IT team extension gives companies the best possible chance of staying ahead of the game. It gives a business the flexibility to respond quickly to ever-evolving situations, using additional resources when needed…like masterful magicians pulling extra rabbits out of their top hats.

Get that extra staffing support without breaking the bank, and you'll make your fellow decision makers in other departments commit acts of jubilation. Get your business immediately ready for opportunities or threats with increased flexibility in terms of staffing.

#5 Extending your offer

The pool of technologies available to agencies is often widened by using IT extension services.

For example, Polcode has partnered with Twilio to extend our services and help our clients implement more advanced technologies. Twilio's developer toolkit allows us to create customer engagement features quickly, accelerating digital transformation for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Working with the Twilio technology stack enables us to develop communication features quickly and efficiently. Thanks to that, you don't need to worry about building the infrastructure from scratch and easily integrate online communication features into a wide range of projects.

With benefits come challenges

It might not be all rainbows and sunshine – there are a few challenges you may face when considering IT team extension.

#1 Finding a reliable service provider

Finding a reliable service provider can often feel like mission impossible. In a crisis situation, when resources are scarce and time is of the essence, finding a team of dependable technology specialists to extend your internal IT infrastructure can feel like the final straw. With layoffs and various restrictions in place, many providers are cutting back their services or no longer exist.

But to get IT projects off the ground and remain sustainable over time, it's essential to find and engage with an experienced, trustworthy service provider — one that shares your commitment to reliability and excellence as an organization.

The best way to get the highest quality provider is to reach out to trusted networks and ask for personal recommendations. It might take some time and effort, but in the end it can be worthwhile, if you find someone through a referral who fits your exact IT needs like a glove.

Clutch is an excellent source to check on IT team extension services. It has reliable, detailed reviews and additional verification (e.g. GOLD VERIFIED status). Clutch also allows potential customers to read through extensive feedback from digital agencies who have already used IT team extension services. All this helps assess the particular company's experience in partnering with agencies and provides more confidence in choosing the right IT partner.

#2 Developing a strong partnership model between internal staff and external providers

The world is in a state of crisis, and businesses need more assistance than ever. IT team extension provides a vital lifeline to entities looking for assistance in achieving their technological objectives. However, the challenge lies in setting up effective governance structures between internal staff and external providers.

This interplay can be incredibly tricky – both groups will have nuanced and disparate objectives that need to be reconciled in order to leave no stone left unturned while ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. It's something of a balancing act, but nevertheless an essential step before any team extension can move forward.

A strong governance model will help both parties understand each other's roles and prerequisites and provide clarity when it comes to goal setting, metrics, and expectations. Taking the time to determine clear protocols and processes through an effective governance model can have immense payoffs – trust and foresight as the foundations can truly propel any organization's IT initiative growth.

#3 Communication issues

As the world of IT support continues to evolve, so do the challenges and pitfalls of extended teams. One of the biggest juggernauts on the list? Communication. As we all face the current crisis head-on, it's now more important than ever that we close any communication gaps between our global IT teams – multiple layers of understanding must be cleared before anything can move forward.

From miscommunication between departments to failed information sharing, these issues can cost time and money which no one can afford right now. That’s why it's crucial for these teams to get everyone on the same page, with each team member having complete clarity on their respective tasks and being able to quickly and effectively share any relevant information among stakeholders.

Armed with effective collaboration tools, regular updates and reported progress checks, IT teams can better tackle their gargantuan tasks with clear lines of communication throughout. Having the right resources and technologies in place can give your IT team – whether it’s internally or externally sourced – the tools and methods necessary to overcome any communication barriers.

After all, a well communicated problem truly is half resolved.

Tips for Successful Implementation of an IT Team Extension Services

#1 Have a goal

As with any successful endeavor, the implementation of an IT team extension begins with a clear and achievable goal. Without this common direction, you may wind up running around chasing your own tail instead of getting things done.

What do you want to accomplish – greater efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, or more innovative ideas? Knowing what you want to achieve will focus the team’s efforts on a specific action plan, rather than throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it sticks. Bring your goal into sharp focus, and watch as the issues start to resolve themselves.

Key takeaway: Establish a clear goal and purpose for the IT team extension services.

#2 Create a timeline

Your objectives must be clear and achievable at the outset. Don’t forget to spend time determining exactly what success looks like for you, and lay out a timeline for when you want it achieved. Otherwise, your team won't know what needs to get done or when in order to meet the desired outcome.

Key takeaway: Develop a timeline with milestones that will guide the team’s progress towards achieving the desired outcome. Focus on identifying the right technology, processes, and resources before beginning an initiative based on your specific business needs.

#3 Set expectations and outcomes

These expectations should be specific and well-defined from the outset, so everyone involved can work towards a shared goal. It's also crucial to communicate when milestones have been achieved or objectives revised to getting everyone on the same page.

Establishing expectations and outcomes that are realistic and attainable will get you well on the way to a successful implementation of an IT team extension.

Key takeaway: Communicate expectations and set clear objectives in order to successfully execute tasks.

#4 Decide on the project management framework

If you’re considering extending your IT team, it’s essential to decide on a project management framework that can keep everyone organized and moving forward. Your chosen approach should be suitable to the size and scope of the project, and provide clear guidelines for tracking progress and milestones.

That way, everybody will know what is expected of them and understand how their work fits into the bigger picture. With an effective structure in place, your extension services will set everyone up for success.

Key takeaway: Utilize effective project management tools (use agile methodologies like Kanban or Scrum) to keep track of progress and keep everything on track.

#5 Keep an eye on full transparency

Implementing an IT team extension services is a complex endeavor, and one of the key components required for success is full transparency. This means keeping open lines of communication between your existing internal staff and any external members that are brought on board to confirm that all members have the same end goal in sight.

Remember to share important developments or changes with both parties as quickly as possible so that everyone is on the same page – not only can this save valuable time, it also promotes trust and understanding between everyone involved. After all, successful teamwork really does take teamwork.

Key takeaway: Provide transparency into roles, responsibilities, and goals to get everyone working together collaboratively and efficiently towards a shared vision.

#6 Analyze performance and draw regular conclusions

Integrating an IT team extension into your organization is more than just adding a few new technicians – it’s about developing a successful and productive partnership. While most IT teams will be eager to get involved, there’s still the question of how to measure their performance and check that they remain productive after they have been integrated.

The key to success with an IT team extension resides in organizing regular objective performance reviews which review progress and project results as well as analyze team members' contributions.

Once data has been collected, it's time to draw up conclusions – both positive and negative – and create an action plan that consists of effective solutions that nurture collaboration and encourage engagement among the new members.

Key takeaway: Monitor and review performance regularly to identify areas of improvement and ensure successful implementation of the services over time.

IT Team Extension as a savior during the crisis

Don't let uncertain times stop you from getting things done. IT Team Extension is the answer to many company owners' challenges, offering an easier and more cost-effective solution to all triggers they face, such as hiring in-house teams, lack of expertise on the local market, poor experience with previous software dev partners and risk of internal recruitment processes.

With IT Team Extension, companies can extend their technical expertise, take part in tendering processes, and save costs by utilizing innovative technologies – giving their clients a customer centric orientation without any pain points.

So why wait? Forge an alliance with IT team extension today for a more efficient workflow tomorrow.

Polcode – your next IT Team Extension Partner

If you're in need of an IT Team Extension, Polcode has all the ingredients for success. We provide creative, processes-oriented solutions that meet customers’ demands and more. Our team members are not only experienced software developers, but also many other roles (like Project Managers or QA Specialists) required to build a great product.

Polcode delivers on time, on budget, and with remarkable customer satisfaction thanks to our highly efficient screening process and proactive approach. We provide technical excellence and a straightforward communication model which is always honest and open, ensuring clients' projects get the attention they deserve.

We believe in customer success by offering specialized services. In conclusion, it is safe to say that Polcode is your key to efficiently obtaining projects through our strong team with proven ROI.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help your business.

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