Polcode interns - igniting passion for coding

Polcode Interns—Igniting Passion for Coding

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Polcode unites developers who share a passion for coding and determination to deliver quality work. We seek precisely the same values in candidates for our annual internship program. Giving ambitious and motivated people a chance to discover the beauty of working as a developer is one of the core elements that make up our company.

Our Internship Mission

Being both software users and developers, we know that a recipe for good software lies in the quality of its code. Through our internship programs, we aim to show beginning developers how to achieve that quality by using best development practices. With the experience our interns acquire during the internship, we hope to inspire them to develop fantastic software in the future. Software that has a chance to change the world.

Welcoming Young Talents

Our latest group of interns came aboard on the 10th of July and stayed with us for two months of intense and inspiring work. We split our interns into two teams of three and set up their internship program in the following way:

First month: intense introductory training on the basics of coding using a particular technology.

Second month: implementation of acquired knowledge to perform certain programming tasks.

Arranging the internship like this ensures that during the first month, our interns acquire a solid base to move relatively swiftly within the chosen programming environment. We tested this approach time and time again over the years, always getting satisfactory results and positive feedback from our interns.

Aside from learning two different programming technologies, each team had similar internship schedules during that first month:

The PHP Team

  1. Responsive Web Design training with Bootstrap library led by Maciej Mortek. In between lectures, the interns were given tasks to solve.
  2. MySQL training.
  3. Security training with Polcode’s CTO Jerzy Zawadzki.
  4. Object-oriented programming in PHP 7 with tasks in between lectures. Training led by Andrzej Lis.
  5. Good programming practices with Jerzy Zawadzki.

The RoR Team

  1. Responsive Web Design training with Bootstrap library led by Maciej Mortek. In between lectures, the interns were given tasks to solve.
  2. MySQL training.
  3. Security training with Konrad Janczyk.
  4. Ruby on Rails introduction—self-learning with provided materials. The tutors were available all through the training.
  5. Good programming practices with Jerzy Zawadzki.

Implementing the Knowledge

In the second month of the internship program, each team received a different set of programming tasks to solve.

The PHP team got acquainted with Laravel and used the framework to create a student record application.

The RoR team was asked to add features to Freedays—Polcode’s Absence Management Software.

The interns worked on their own, with their respective tutors being available daily for inquiries and advice.

This year’s internship program was mentored by Łukasz Pokrzywa, Bartłomiej Marciniuk, and Szymon Bluma (the PHP team); and Adam Maślanka, Kamil Tarnowski, and Dominik Szromik (the RoR team). Thanks a lot guys for inspiring young talents!

The Result

Both teams did great with their programming tasks, making their tutors proud. But the coding part is always only one goal of our internship programs. The other is showing the interns that developing can be a fun and social experience. It’s never just getting the work done. If we see the same passion for coding that simmers in our blood, we offer our interns a chance to see beyond the traditional understanding of software development.

If they code with devotion, we impose no strict boundaries around their working routine. And if they crave to learn more about various technologies, we give them all of our resources to do so.

Did we manage to do that? Check out below!

Are you passionate about coding? Would you like to experience coding in a company with an international reach? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn all about our upcoming internship programs.

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