Meet Magento 2018 - highlights

Meet Magento 2018 Poland: Highlights

Michał Gawryluk, Witold Prucnel
2 minutes read

Meet Magento helps developers hone their skills and share knowledge. The conference was full of workshops, presentations, and discussions, where field professionals revealed valuable insight about the robust e-commerce platform. We took part in the conference and came back to tell the tale of this wonderful event.

Alien vs. Magento

The 2018’s edition of Meet Magento was held between 10–11 of September at Alvernia Planet near Cracow. The inside of Alvernia Planet looked like Nostromo, the spaceship from the cult movie franchise Alien. Everything was eerie and massive. At the entrance, a life-size steampunk Alien figure welcomed everyone.

Charged with the atmosphere of the place, we went on to experience the knowledge-sharing part of the event.

Magento to the Innovation in Commerce

The two days’ worth of workshops allowed developers to test the ingenious features of Magento 2. Speakers from all over the world shared their insider experience with using Magento in various aspects of the e-commerce scene as well as beyond, in, for example, games.

People from various companies presented interesting case studies in a way that let both the developers and salespersons get the gist of Magento’s possibilities.

The technical presentations touched on Magento-specific matters.

Attendees could learn more about:

  • Security
  • Development (e.g., using Magento 2 in FIFA World Cup, large-scale e-commerce at
  • Challenges of Progressive Web Apps
  • Getting the Magento 2 Certificate

During his “How to Get Magento 2 Certified and Bring Value to Your Company?” presentation, Alex Lunkov shared some tips on how to pass the certification and how important having a certificate is in the career of a Magento 2 developer.

For the devs aspiring to get the certificate, Alex recommended simply buying the voucher for the exam, preparing as much as possible, and then attending the exam knowing that you won’t pass it for the first time.

What’s important during that first attempt is getting to know your weak points. Only then can you really prepare for the certification and pass it with flying colors on the second attempt. Take a look at some of the expert certificates our devs have.

Ewa Chodakowska’s presentation on motivation showed how technology helped her and her husband, Lefteris Kavoukis, reach a broader audience and build a sustainable business. Ewa is a renowned Polish personal trainer.

After-Party Meetups

As for entertainment, Accenture provided VR simulators, which were a real blast… at least for the first 8 minutes. After that, the dreaded VR sickness came in and made further playing practically impossible and definitely nauseating 🙂 The arcade cabinets with Street Fighter or Metal Slug were also really fun.

To sweeten up the event there was delicious pizza and plenty of tasty beverages.

Bringing Together the Best of Magento

Meet Magento conferences connect innovative ideas with extensive expertise to help people in the Magento community utilize the platform in new and inspiring ways. Thanks to the high number of presentations with varying levels of technical knowledge, the Polish edition of the event was compelling to senior as well as junior Magento devs. The organizers did an excellent job during the official part of the conference and the after party.

The laid-back atmosphere aided discussions and the exchange of experiences. We’re looking forward to the next edition.

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