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Kidbo application: International reach through expanded services delivery

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When Eric le Calvez, CEO and co-founder of Kidbo, reached out to us, his business was operating on a limited-features website with a simple admin panel. We were tasked to expand the Kidbo website on top of this foundation. Knowing the power of mobile and that a great portion of subscribers used Kidbo on their phones, Eric also wanted to enrich the service with a mobile app for iOS and Android. By using a combination of technologies that respond to business needs of subscription-based content distribution platforms, Kidbo now has a user-friendly website and a mobile app for iOS and Android. Now users can conveniently browse through curated content.

About Kidbo

Kidbo was created to provide parenthood-concerned adults with quality information regarding children’s upbringing. The service shares content with advice on infants and children up to 5 years old.

Kidbo’s mission: “To help you raise happy, healthy babies.”

Kidbo aggregates content related to parenthood from a broad variety of web sources. The information comes from experts as well as experienced and inspiring parents.

The website features an admin panel for user management and content curation. Users of the service can define their content preferences based on the following criteria:

  • Child’s age
  • Parent interests
  • Community

Challenges and Objectives

Before reaching out to Polcode, Kidbo was operating with limited features, preventing the service from reaching a broader audience. The service also lacked a mobile application. Traffic analysis revealed that many subscribers accessed content via mobile phones. Thus, one of the main objectives was to add a mobile app to better respond to the preferences of subscribers.

Eric asked us to improve the search engine implemented on the website as well as expand the customization options for the subscribers to give them easier access to curated, highly personalized content.


After taking over the website’s project, we extended the platform with a variety of new features. One of the more important tasks was to expand content search capabilities of the service. For example, adding an intuitive blog posts search bar at the top of the site.

Our modifications and extensions helped increase user experience by providing subscribers with advanced content filtering options—the content can be highly personalized. We’ve also expanded the feed algorithm as well as customization options in kids’ profiles (editable short bio, name, birthday field).

To deploy the mobile application quickly and with high user experience, we decided to use the Ionic framework for the Kidbo mobile app.

Ionic is a leading cross-platform mobile development framework that lets devs build high-quality mobile apps based on a web equivalent of a website.. Click To Tweet.

Here’s some of the modifications and additions we implemented:

  • Custom admin panel to manage content and users
  • Enhanced search engine
  • Expanded post-adding feature
  • Enhanced feed-sending algorithm

Improved feed channel. Source: Kidbo


The result of our work is a responsive website and an iOS and Android app.

Kidbo users can easily customize content feed, based on predefined criteria that match their children’s characteristics.

  • Website (PHP, MySQL)
  • Admin panel for content and user managemen
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android (Ionic)

We’re happy that the Kidbo iOS and Android app we’ve built have a 5-star rating on the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

When working on the Kidbo project, we greatly enjoyed the cooperation and the ability to contribute to such a valuable service devoted to informed upbringing. And here’s what Eric said about working with us:

“This has been our second project with Polcode team and it has been a wonderful experience working with both Adrian and Maggie. They know how to ask the right questions going into every project and it feels like we’re partnering together at each step.
We’re very happy with the results delivered and look forward to working with them again.
—Eric Le Calvez, Director and Co-founder, Kidbo”

With a fast and user-friendly website and mobile app, Kidbo users now have easier and convenient access to curated content.

The subscribers can define their content preferences more specifically, which helps them access content that better matches their needs.

Busy parents will find Kidbo’s vast resources handy and highly informative, incorporating all aspects of parenthood.

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