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How Dribbble Helps Companies Create Effective Designs

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Need to design your web application from scratch? Dribbble might be an excellent place to look for just the right designer to do the work. Whether you have a brand book with precise design guidelines or only a brilliant idea for a product, Dribbble will equip you with many talented designers with proven experience of delivering effective creations.

What Is Dribbble?

Dribbble is one of the most popular portfolio platforms for designers, graphic artists, designer teams and companies. It helps artists showcase their work, giving prospecting clients an insight into the skills of potential hires.

By checking Dribbble profiles of software houses that provide UI/UX services, companies in need of design work can also get a better understanding of what their software house of choice has to offer.

Dribbble—The Essentials

Dribbble was founded in 2009 by Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett. Along with Adobe-owned Behance, Dribbble is the largest online portfolio for web design work, garnering an estimated 20 million monthly visitors.

Although Dribbble’s main focus is web and mobile app designs, designers can upload a variety of their graphic creations, encompassing works stretching well beyond this scope. As such, Dribbble is open to:

  • animations
  • prototypes
  • graphic art
  • illustrations
  • icons
  • logos
  • fonts

What sets Dribbble apart is the invite-only registration for a public account. Without the invitation, the uploaded work, or “shots” as per Dribbble terminology, can’t be viewed by the general audience and remains private—unavailable to potential clients.

The invite-only registration ensures the platform hosts inspirational work instead of a large number of designs of varying quality. Further, keeping a limit on the works available to the general audience lets Dribbble scale and grow in a controlled manner. Dribbble verifies the credibility of talents to prevent the content from going astray with low-quality designs.

This is of particular importance for companies looking to hire designers or designer teams on Dribbble—the platform sources talents passionate about their work, intending to create high-quality products.

Increasing Designer Visibility and Giving Companies Access to Huge Talent Pool

Dribbble is home to over 40,000 companies, with big brands such as Slack, Apple, and Airbnb, which turn to the platform to look for creative professionals. With one of the biggest job boards for designers, Dribbble is often the first place companies visit to hire artistic talents.

Companies can either browse through available designers or sign up for Dribbble’s proprietary hiring solution. Regardless of the choice, businesses seeking designers can analyze the activity, number of followers, comments, and general engagement on the profile of every professional designer on Dribbble.

The Dribbble community is actively sharing, commenting, and upvoting featured designs, letting companies see a detailed representation of any designer’s portfolio.

Taking a Peek into Innovation and Trends

Because many internationally renowned companies and designers showcase their latest works on Dribbble, the platform is an amazing place to look up trending design patterns or approaches. In times of great demand for clever, attention-grabbing designs, the graphical distinction among competing brands is often a vital selling point.

By following what’s going on on the front line of web and mobile design, companies have a chance to deliver their customers unique visual experiences.

On its homepage, Dribbble features the most popular and liked shots uploaded by designers, which give a fresh, and often inspiring, perspective on design.

“Dribbble is a great place to browse through many creative designs from freelance designers, teams, and companies from all over the world…

As an additional design portfolio, Dribbble is fantastic—it helps designers show their projects to the world and stay updated with what's going on in the latest design,” says Michał Masalski, designer at Polcode. Click To Tweet.

Polcode website redesign shot featured on Dribbble. Source: https://dribbble.com/polcode

Because the Dribbble community favors quality over quantity, the platform is a vast source of inspired talents for companies seeking creative professionals. By giving designers a sense of accountability for the uploaded content and invited designers, Dribbble has become one of the most influential design-related platforms.

If you would like to see some of the chosen works of our designers, check out our Dribbble profile.

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