German-Polish teamup case study

German-Polish teamup leads to the perfect digital agency pairing

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Polcode offers total developer control and transparency to German-based digital marketing agency.

Specific names in this article have been omitted for privacy. Feel free to contact our sales team at if you’d like to confirm the authenticity of this account with a direct referral to the client.

A digital agency based in Germany leveraged Polcode’s remote developers to provide IT services, web & e-commerce development to their B2C and B2B clients in DACH regions.

The Business Need

The agency needed more than just an external supplier of coding talent. Their in-house IT team is small, but their client demands grow every year. They needed a larger remote team with relevant software-building experience and expertise.

They tapped Polcode’s wide range of developer experience in e-commerce, web & mobile development, and our background in nearshore team extensions. Polcode was chosen to help launch business-critical applications for their clients.

We established the following project requirements and needs:

  • Transparent Monthly Reporting - Polcode’s business manager provides a detailed report of developer working hours. The client can always see exactly what they’re paying for on a monthly basis. 
  • Total Developer Control - It was important to the client that they directly manage Polcode developers’ day-to-day, including vacation schedules to sync with their workweeks.
  • Streamlined Project Management - Polcode suggested the project management software Redmine to centralize issue-tracking across remote teams and documentation is housed in Google Drive.
  • Continuity and Predictability - The client required credible, reliable developers who could commit to working on their projects full-time until launch. 
  • Code Quality and Competencies - Polcode business managers work closely with the client to perform code review and check competencies before assigning them to a specific project or task.

Today, the client and Polcode are tightly-knit, trustworthy partners. Polcode developers are like part of their in-house family, completely integrated with their daily business processes.

“Polcode has been a great supplier of developer talent. We have a strong, constructive working relationship with them.”
– Martin, CEO of German-based Digital Marketing Agency

Project: E-commerce Store

One of the standout projects realized was an e-commerce shop, allowing commercial buyers to easily order products, claim warranties, use vouchers and achieve convenience at lower prices. 

However, before these features could be implemented, we needed to migrate the client from an older Magento 1 store to the newest Magento 2 e-commerce platform. Once migrated, Polcode helped develop and transfer a number of solutions to improve the process of purchasing, registration, configuration and warranty management for devices.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Productivity and timeliness - The German-based digital agency has built a productive, happy working relationship with Polcode developers over the years. Both teams have established easy communications that ask questions, describe problems, point out expected flaws before executing tasks.
  • Reduction of time spent and costs - The client leverages a remote developer team that scales up and down (depending on their monthly project needs). More importantly, the developer teams are now familiar with their business model, workflows, collaboration style, etc. making work much easier.
  • Skilled developer talent nearby - Poland is a neighboring country to Germany, making it easier for the client to hire and onboard developers with specific skill sets, without having to conduct their own HR processes or deal with local talent shortages. 

“When we encounter challenging software issues, Polcode clearly points them out, applies fixes, and the matter is done. If things are not clear, Polcode asks good questions, we answer them, and the issue gets resolved. Polcoders seem to have fun doing their job.”
– Martin, CEO of German-based Digital Marketing Agency


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