GDPR—Update Your Systems to Be Compliant

Małgorzata Pająk, Aleksandra Trachim
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Do you need a new system that will process personal data according to the upcoming GDPR requirements? With the new legislation coming into force on 25 May 2018, it’s high time to implement it. Hiring a good software house will guarantee that your application is written in tune with the newest standards.

The GDPR Lowdown: What You Need to Know

Experts at reliable software houses will surely ask you about concepts such as Privacy by Design or Privacy by Default. But there will be further more complex issues to address. So before you hire an IT company to prepare your business to be GDPR-compliant, go through the questions below.

Keep in mind that you need to answer the questions before the designing phase begins. It will help you estimate your budget more precisely and secure an adequate amount of time needed to deliver the project.

#1 Internal Regulations and Instructions Concerning Personal Data for Employees.

Do you have them at your company? If yes, should they function in their current form or maybe you’d like to change something?

#2 Do You Have or Do You Intend to Hire a Data Protection Officer?

If yes, they should be present during system design phase.

#3 Who Will Process the Data?

  • Which departments in your organization will process the data? What should be the result of that work? It’s important to specify this because each employee can only have access to data that is absolutely necessary to perform their work-related tasks.
  • On which systems and what hardware do these employees work?

#4 How Long After Data Collection Will You Need It?

Personal data should be inaccessible in the system immediately after it’s processing ceases to be necessary.

#5 What Should Happen with Personal Data When It Ceases To Be Processed?

You can decide to delete it completely. In most cases, it’s the best solution. But maybe you’ll want to use the data later, for example, to perform a statistical analysis? It’s possible in many cases, but the data has to be anonymized prior to the procedure. Consider, however, if it’s absolutely necessary.

#6 Who and for What Purpose Will Have Access to Personal Data?

Which organizations or institutions will have access to personal data you store? How would you like to secure, for example, the process of handing over client data to a delivery company?

The GDPR Without Undue Delay

The GDPR is one of the biggest changes in many years to how personal data is handled online.

Businesses failing to meet the requirements can face serious consequences. But there’s still time to prepare your systems to comply with the new regulations. Start by answering the questions above. They will improve the data security in your system and help you prepare for the questions that IT experts will have for you.

Polcode is an international full-cycle software house with over 1,300 completed projects. Propelled by passion and ambition, we’ve coded for over 800 businesses across the globe. If you want your system to be GDPR-compliant, contact us. We’ll make sure your business meets all requirements well before the GDPR comes into force.

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