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Canadian Firm Trusts Polcode With Their Core Product Development

Polcode Team
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Impak Finance trusted Polcode’s product development services to transform their offline, early-stage concept into a market-ready online platform. After a successful product launch, Polcode remains their remote technical team—entirely replacing an internal IT department.

Impak Finance is a growing fintech company based in Canada that provides digital tools for investors to assess opportunities in parallel with environmental impact. Today’s investors need to meet more sustainable regulatory requirements than ever before, and need easy methods to measure the environmental and societal impact of their portfolios and assets. 

The IS² platform is one of their core products, offering a way for investors to determine how environmentally sound a company’s operational model and products. IS² generates a complete impact statement and an impak Score™, even visualizing combined indices and custom modules tailored for specific business insights.

We were so happy with Polcode’s initial work that now the entire product is driven by Polcode’s development team. Immediately after launch, their work helped us successfully land the first set of clients, bringing our proof-of-concept platform to market readiness.
— CTO at impak Finance

Realizing The impak Online Investor Platform

Polcode designed and developed the majority of the impak online experience. Development is currently ongoing on multiple fronts: their website, impak scoring visualization tools used by investors, and administrative panels for impak’s internal back-office staff. 

In terms of team, impak Finance works with a wide array of Polcode’s core talent roles, including UX designers, frontend & backend developers and our dedicated project managers.

A quick summary of our services for impak Finance includes:

Frontend Development 

  • UI and UX for back-office operations to manage clients, connect new data streams, and centralize operations via administrative panels.
  • Investor-focused data visualizations and themed reference indices.
  • Customizable views and downloadable reporting functions.

Backend Development

  • Backend development utilized Django that made it fast and easy for Polcode’s developers to quickly get a production-ready app without having to code much from scratch. 
  • The database that impak Finance must manage for their internal scoring system utilized PostgreSQL for its speed and reliability.

Impak’s CMS Site

The website serves as a knowledge base and a quick and easy CMS structure, based on WordPress. The actual platform and scoring system don’t sit directly on the website currently, so the immediate goal was to share as much information about impak’s mission and its products on the web as possible. It also serves as a digital kickoff point for sales leads.

Google Sheets integration

Polcode also built a novel system that uses Google Sheets capabilities for data gathering which replies on complex conditional relations in a flat file. The sheet uses information from the backend system and automatically generates custom sheets and tables, making it much easier for impak Finance to process large relational data inputs for their analysts.

Greener Project Outcomes

Our partnership with impak Finance will continue to grow, as the product backlog ahead has some exciting new features and growth planned. However, our deliverables thus far were able to get impak Finance from a ‘proof of concept’ phase to actualized digital products. Here were some of the latest project outcomes:

  • Successful market entry with the IS² platform launch
  • Increased back-office efficiency by aggregating data views into one place
  • Slashed potential developer costs by 50% by offering scalable, highly flexible, remote developers that work under budget, but act as impak’s own developer team.
  • Moving business from offline to online within less than a year, bringing impak’s digital footprint forward 
I still find it amazing to this day that our teams work so well together. Polcode, just over the last year, has offered us flexibility, extra resources, extra help on the frontend side, and a team that adapts to changing requirements. We think of them as our own team now.
— CTO at impak Finance

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