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Our mission

We are proud when a combination of new technologies, commitment, team’s knowledge, and business ideas of our clients results in products with a global reach.

team Polcode

"The company is our team. Our priority to treat every employee individually."

Respect, openness, and readiness to help are the key elements making up a good team. Aside from experience and eagerness for development, we value a sense of humor and friendly atmosphere at work.

team Polcode

"We organize courses, workshops, and internship programs while actively participating in international conferences."

The internet is remarkable. Evolving and changing constantly, it inspires us to utilize technology in innovative ways. It’s what fuels our drive to developing our knowledge and polishing the skills of the whole team. Equipped with that passion, we’re able to effectively support our clients’ businesses.

team Polcode

"We swiftly adapt to dynamic circumstances and changing conditions. The few organizational processes are only here to streamline everyday work."

Each of us has different goals and values. At Polcode, we create a flexible workplace, respecting the priorities and expectations of both our employees and our clients.

Our story

Founded in 2006 by a small group of passionate and ambitious developers, Polcode has been delivering functional business software solutions ever since. Today, the same passion propels us to provide development services across the globe, except now there are more of us.

Here We Go

With three people aboard, we launch Polcode (originally under the DNC label). Our initial focus: PHP. All clients coming from the USA.

Moving In

We get our first real office and set up Client Service Team. Plus we start coding in Symfony.

Magento Time

With the release of Magento, our Magento team starts coding.

We’re Growing

We pull together our RoR team, and it gets down to coding, too.

Polcode It Is

Polcode is our official name now. Also, we set up an office in Cracow and Lodz.

Good News

Employment increases by 100% and our
revenue grows by 211%.

We start working on more complex projects
Project Management office emerges.

More Good News

Revenue increases by 80% compared to previous year. We open up an office in Bialystok.
Polcode Internship Program launches, and we are pioneering in Laravel. programming.

We’re Big!

We have 100 people aboard! We start in-depth internal training and workshops. Polcode is now a joint-stock company.

New Business Time

To utilize all that human potential, we form a specialized Polcode New Business Department.

Moving in Again

Having a bigger team, we move to a new office in the Warsaw city center. We also expand our Magento Department.

What a Year!

Polcode is a top rated developer with 99% job success rate on Upwork. Compared to 2015, New Business records 211% increase in requests for proposals. We create our internal virtual library.

Continuing our journey through the IT world, we participate in 10 Polish and international conferences and meetups.

Growing Strong

Polcode is one of the top PHP Developers on Clutch. We’re also Upwork’s Enterprise Partner now. Jerzy Zawadzki becomes our new CTO! Two of our projects are presented at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Full Steam Ahead

We have 150+ people aboard, 800+ clients served, and 1200+ completed projects! To be continued…

New Recognitions

Polcode listed on the Clutch 1000 – an exclusive group of the top B2B service providers around the world and recognized among top PHP Developers by The Manifest.

As the years go by, our devotion to IT projects only grows stronger!

We know it’s quality and satisfaction of our clients that let us evolve.

Polcode Comprises 150+ Professionals

Experienced professionals with a flair for technology and software development.

We aim for transparency and partnership to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve during project development and deployment.

  • Certified-Developers-1
    Certified Developers
  • UX-Designers
    UX Designers
  • Project-Managers
    Project Managers
  • Admins
  • Client-Service-Support-Team
    Client Service Support Team
  • QA-Team
    QA Team

Management Team

Combining coding talents with managerial experience,
we build dev teams focused on quality and serene deployment.

Wojtek Hyzopski
Wojciech Hyzopski
When co-founding Polcode, I had one goal in mind—to let extraordinary developers work on challenging projects. Craving innovation and the global IT market, our passionate bunch grew to become a team of over 150 experienced professionals. A team that never stopped loving the gist of it: coding.
Małgorzata Pająk
Małgorzata Pająk
HR Director, Management Board Member
Even though many factors determine the quality of deployed software, the participation of experienced specialists is the foundation of every successful project. That's why when I think of software, I first see people and the heart they put into making it.
Jerzy Zawadzki
Jerzy Zawadzki
Chief Technology Officer
I align technology with our clients’ needs, develop our Technological Pillars, and support clients on the strategy-technology front. You might see me on our social media profiles—commenting on tech trends and sharing my knowledge.
New Business Director Anna Kozień photo
Anna Kozień
Sales Director
As Sales Director, I'm responsible for diversification of Polcode's client portfolio. In my spare time, I delve into communication of people, machines, and animals.
Dominik Raś
Dominik Raś
Senior Project Manager
I'm a firm believer in the Iron Triangle of Cost, Scope, and Time. Yet, these are people that I cherish the most. Every day, I bolster my emotional bond with the coffee machine. I'm a citizen of issue trackers, four-season cyclist, ice hockey player, and the best dad in the world.