WordPress: Ocean of features and possibilities. How not to drown in it.

wordpress ocean

It’s undeniable that WordPress is the most popular website creation platform in the world - with nearly 75 million websites it is growing day by day. The reason for its popularity lies in its flexibility. WordPress gives businesses an ability to publish and modify content that will reach specific target market. It’s also free to use, provides endless possibilities and various gadgets, giving your site a chance to stand out.

But how should you control this tool to make the most of it?

Enhance your site with Plugins

WordPress offers thousands of plugins that allow its users to add new features to their websites and personalise them even more. And all of that available without knowing a single line of code! But be careful not to overload your site. A few wrong plugins might completely shatter your app’s performance and functionality.

Reliable WP team

With almost 40 000 plugins to choose from, it can be difficult to find the good ones that are worth of your attention and safe to use. Lack of time or programming skills can further increase chances of running into difficulties with WordPress. What we’ve noticed so far is that many companies prefer to focus on running their business and find a reliable software partner to deal with WordPress.

Lower safety risk

Too many times buggy plugins are released by individuals who might not be so much concerned by safety, increasing your site’s risk of failure. Working with a team of WordPress specialists, who know and understand criteria for a reliable plugins that would work well together, without slowing the site and jeopardising its safety – something that might be difficult to achieve by regular WordPress users.

Time-effective solution

Deputing management of your site to WordPress pros will only give you more time to work on business related things. No need to seek for a perfect feature, spending hours trying to find out if it’s safe, no need to install it and learn how to use it – your team will do it for you. Your job will be simple: specify what you want and expect the results. Moreover, if something does not fully meet your expectations and require adjustments (different font, bigger distances between lines etc.) – your new WordPress team can add a few lines of code to ensure you’re happy.

Let WordPress Specialists handle things for you

We believe that WordPress can really up your game, increase conversion rate and help the business expand. In order to achieve that, we recommend working with professionals who will not only ensure your site is well maintained, but constantly enhanced according to your business needs. Save time and energy by letting a dedicated team of developers manage it for you. Companies with profound knowledge of WordPress know exactly what to do to maximize the impact of WP on your customers with minimum effort from your side. Whether you’re busy doing something else or even out of office, your site is guaranteed to be working fine, converting more and more clients.

Contact us and find out more about the WordPress projects we do, how we could help you and how you could use our knowledge and experience for your business needs.

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