How HR Technical Advisors Help Build a Strong Software House

HR Technical Advisors

An HR Technical Advisor (HR TA) supports the HR department on many levels, guaranteeing proper staff and business development. Technical Advisors help recruiters find experienced specialists and strengthen employer branding activities. It’s an additional function reserved for seasoned developers.

HR Technical Advisors—Fortifying the HR Department

HR Technical Advisors help the HR staff with the technical part of the recruitment process. They are responsible for:

  • specification of technical requirements
  • creation and update of recruitment questions
  • preparation and review of recruitment tasks
  • assistance during the interview

The Road to Awesomeness: Becoming an HR Technical Advisor at Polcode

Developers can become a Technical Advisor at Polcode in three ways, through:

  • their own initiative (after indicating an interest to apply to the HR department)
  • the project manager’s initiative, who’ll see the suitable qualities and personality traits allowing to become an HR TA
  • an invitation from an HR recruiter

But there’s a catch. The future successful cooperation between the two depends on how they get along. “There has to be chemistry. When both the recruiter and the Technical Advisor share the same mindset, looking for the right IT specialist is more effective,” says Olga Kwiatos, HR Specialist at Polcode. “And a lot more fun,” she adds.

“The cooperation should be based on communication and agreement that we work toward the same goal—to guarantee the best possible development path for the company by providing suitable candidates,” adds Bartosz Tyborowski, HR TA for Magento at Polcode.

The HR Technical Advisor’s Skills: Why TAs Are Called “Totally Awesome” at Polcode

An HR TA should possess numerous skills. The absolute must are years-long experience in the field and broad technical skills. Such demanding experience stack guarantees that the technical part of the interview will validate the candidates’ knowledge as accurately as possible.

Also important is the knowledge of the industry and the market. Technical Advisors have to be up to date with news, changes, and publications devoted to software development.

Knowing the company itself is also an important asset. The Technical Advisor, even when supported by the partnering recruiter, has to know whom exactly to look for. Then the HR TA has to be able to determine if that particular candidate will handle the projects and meet the expectations of the managers. And, of course, the company.

Last, but not least, is the personality. Discretion and communicativeness are crucial character traits for candidates for HR Technical Advisors. Since the HR TA is a very responsible position, discretion is practically the first trait recruiters look for in a potential candidate.

Soft skills that guarantee a well carried out technical interview:

  • precision in communication
  • ability to communicate freely
  • a sense of humor

Get to Know the Job Better with an HR Technical Advisor

Technical Advisors, aside from verifying the candidate’s skills, are also an excellent source of information for people applying for a particular position. Szymon Bluma, HR TA for PHP at Polcode, sums up, “The candidates certainly shouldn’t fear the interview with an HR TA. In fact, the interview is good news for the candidates because it’s their opportunity to talk in detail with a developer about projects and tools we use at Polcode.”

Which Questions You Should Expect During an Interview with an HR TA

Bartosz Tyborowski has an advice on the kind of questions the candidates should expect during an interview. “Definitely the ones that go beyond the candidate’s current knowledge base, especially when we’re talking about recruitment for a position other than senior. Determining the level of knowledge during a short interview is a challenge, and juggling with questions of varying difficulty helps to identify the candidate’s skills rather quickly. Aside from the questions strictly devoted to programming, e.g., what a particular function does, there are also questions about specific problems that encourage candidates to share their thought process and approach to problem analysis.”

Technical Advisors and HR Recruiters—Teamwork in Finding the Right Candidate

The IT job market requires a specific set of skills from the recruiters. Without the aid of HR Technical Advisors, it would be difficult for the HR recruiters alone to accurately verify the in-depth knowledge and experience of the candidates.

The candidates that match the employee profile allow project managers to build optimum software development teams. This, in turn, helps satisfy business needs of our clients.

When working together, HR specialists and Technical Advisors ensure that the hired candidates create a win-win situation: The candidates have the ability to evolve, and their work guarantees steady business growth for the company.


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