[Free E-book] The CEO’s Guide to Nearshoring Web & Mobile Development in Poland

Learn How to Successfully Find a Trusted Software Development Partner for Your Digital Agency

Digital Agencies in DACH countries are opting to nearshore their business processes to Poland for more reliable outcomes, easier collaboration, and faster time to market. We’ve put together everything we know about how CEOs can build a winning software product development team with nearby Polish technology partners.


What will you learn from it?

This ebook will detail how digital marketing agencies in DACH countries build winning software product development teams with neighboring Polish IT partners. It will help readers understand how to modernize their business operating models to meet the increasing demands of today’s business environment.

As more European enterprises grow their digital presence, nearshore software development has become an attractive option for CEOs and CTOs looking to scale their distributed teams at competitive pricing. Nearshoring eliminates issues like local talent shortages, expensive hiring markets, lack of transparency, or reduced code quality when taken offshore.

When negotiating or pricing projects, Poland has emerged as a leader in cost-effective talent. Polish developers are also more nuanced in the necessary soft skills (communication, business knowledge and project management) to get work done smoothly with global clientele.

For the CEOs and CTOs of digital marketing agencies or departments, here’s how you can best take advantage of opportunities of nearshoring with the emerging technology partners in Poland.

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