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Global marketing agency finds their “Dream Team” with Polcode’s developers

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When Hidden Profits Marketing needed to find custom software developers for their digital agency, Polcode’s CTO personally stepped in to help them create a development roadmap. Within a matter of weeks, Polcode’s senior developers were helping HPM rewrite website code and migrate to a more stable, secure server architecture. Today, Polcode and HPM are trusted partners and continue to build web and mobile applications at the forefront of digital marketing growth.

Hidden Profits Marketing delivers digital fitness marketing expertise to Dutch- and German-speaking markets. Through their Marketing Formulas, web apps and innovation centers, they generate leads for gyms, health clubs, personal trainers and boutique fitness clubs. To ‘unlock hidden profits’ they replace traditional methods of marketing engagement with proven digital methods—a feat which requires a modern technical team.

Polcode seems more like an extension of our team and we couldn’t be happier with their level of experience.
— MAXI STOIBER, PRODUCT DIRECTOR at Hidden Profits Marketing

Building a Lead Management System

The greater challenge for HPM, was building out their lead generation platform that is responsible for connecting fitness entrepreneurs with new leads all in one place, in addition to all other online marketing services that they organization provides.

Our teams took a deep dive into their existing advanced code, planning debugging projects and establishing a checklist of critical features that would be included in a quick-launch scenario. We settled on the following goals for their Lead-Generation Management System:

  1. Open API (to connect with more CRM systems)
  2. More data visualization (additional graphs and charts, etc.) for team managers
  3. Admin dashboards
  4. Automated email sequences to leads based on the ‘status of a lead’
  5. Additional landing page templates
  6. Integration with Online Payments
  7. Amazon Web Services (AWS) server migration

Our approach to refactoring old code involved a thorough process of editing and cleaning up the website code previously written by their former developers. The purpose of refactoring is to create a codebase that is more reliable, efficient and maintainable. Once the improved foundational codebase has been established, it makes it much easier to move forward and introduce new capabilities and features without things breaking.

  • API integration - We used Open API to expose HPM’s platform and allow it to interact with internal and external sources of data.
  • Lead-Generation Scoring - In order to evaluate strong potential customers, HPM’s platform gives fitness brands the ability to generate lead scores.
  • Personalized Pages - We also introduced a layer of brand personalization that allowed for pages to be customized and distributed on a per-client basis.

The Dream Team at Work (Project Outcomes)

Communication. While it’s our job to rewrite old code with new high-quality code, and maintain clean code principles, it’s even more crucial to keep communication flowing so that no one is left confused.

Trust was one of the key outcomes of our business relationship with HPM. The level of reliability and level of trust between teams has grown over many months. Our developers treat their company’s product like their own, and in-turn HPM is excited to grow and deliver new and exciting challenges.

99.9974 percent server stability was achieved by migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), eliminating any issues with the HPM website, and ensuring reliable uptime and continuity of service. 

Data protection and compliance with GDPR. By switching to AWS, we improved HPM ability to meet compliance and regulatory criteria, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality.

We feel that we can fully trust Polcode with any project. From writing new code to advising on new server setups, we are really happy with the level of expertise and experience inside the company.
— MAXI STOIBER, PRODUCT DIRECTOR at Hidden Profits Marketing

On-demand webinar: Moving Forward From Legacy Systems

We’ll walk you through how to think about an upgrade, refactor, or migration project to your codebase. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a step-by-step plan to move away from the legacy system.

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