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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Content on Your Website

Polcode Team
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Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%, but it doesn’t mean every business needs to have funds set aside for video marketing. That said, take a look at the benefits of including video as a marketing tool to help you decide whether your company should invest in video content.

#1 Videos Help You Nail the Mobile

55% smartphone users watch videos every day. The mobile itself is already pushing the traditional desktop Internet browsing aside. Tapping into mobile potential with attention-grabbing videos can land you more customers.

#2 Videos Are Engaging and Attract Attention

According to Online Publishers Association, 46% of users exhibit some sort of engagement after seeing an online video ad. Videos are also the most likely shared content overall with 92% of mobile users sharing interesting videos. Branded viral videos raise brand awareness and increase the customer’s emotional bond with companies.

#3 Explainer Videos Can Get You More Clients

People like to learn how stuff works. 91% of smartphone users look up how to perform certain tasks, and “nearly one in three millennials say they’ve purchased a product as a result of watching a how-to video.” (ThinkWithGoogle) Explaining what your products and services do through video increases your chances to sell.

#4 Industry-Related Videos Improve Your B2B Reach

75% of CEOs watch industry-related videos. Providing valuable and insightful videos can boost your B2B reach and also improve your brand’s awareness among targeted companies. Industry videos can help you become an authority in the field your company specializes in.

#5 Videos on Social Media Increase Your Presence

Entertaining videos on your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube profiles spark user engagement and encourage social shares. And, yes, video ads can be highly entertaining and emotional.

#6 Videos Evoke Deeper Emotions Sooner

…and increase the customer–brand bond. Watching videos involves auditory and acoustic senses, allowing marketers to tap into emotions faster than through textual content. Videos evoking emotions are not only more likely to be shared but also to be remembered longer. In fact, 80% of customers can recall a video watched a month ago.

Personal and emotional branded videos also build trust, and trust is the foundation for long-term client relationship.

#7 Videos Improve SEO

Google’s algorithm favors sites that have YouTube videos embedded, making them rank higher in search results. With clever titles, descriptions, and links included in your branded videos, you are further increasing your chances to be discovered.

#8 Videos Help You with Statistics on Engagement

Aggregating statistics and metrics from Google Analytics, AdWords, and YouTube Analytics can help your marketing team better adjust your brand’s message to your target audiences.

Source: ThinkWithGoogle

With data generated by YouTube, you get a more detailed view of your audience and their engagement.

WordPress Allows Users to Add Videos as Thumbnails

If your company’s page runs on WordPress, instead of adding images as thumbnails to your posts, you can add a miniature video as a thumbnail. We recommend using YouTube videos for SEO, analytics, and reach purposes.

Source: WPBeginner

To set up a video as a thumbnail, install the Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator plugin for WP. The plugin is tested to work with the newest WP version (4.8.1).

Adding Videos to Your Posts and Pages

You can also add videos to all your WP pages and posts:

The editor will automatically convert the URL into a playable video.

Pro tip: Unless you have a monster of a server, to maximize the benefits of using video, always host your videos on a third-party server. This will prevent your site from lagging and your visitors from bouncing away from your site.

Embracing video in your marketing campaign can increase conversion rates and spur sales. But as with every element of digital marketing strategy, it’s worth doing a careful analysis before making any financial commitments to video. Your starting point? See how your competitors are doing with video marketing, and check whether you’re not staying behind, losing your customers.

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