October 6 2017

Are CRM Platforms Worth It?

What CRM Systems Do? CRM systems are robust platforms designed for in-depth business management of customer data. Depending on the CRM software, businesses can improve their marketing efforts, selling capabilities, scheduling, and reporting, to name a few. Who Are CRM Platforms [...]

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June 2 2017

Practical eCommerce Tools You Can Use Today to Boost Your Business

Keeping an eye on everything that makes an online shop run and ensuring all the cogs are in place can make your head swoon. But there are ways to alleviate that headache with a slew of handy eCommerce tools. See what you can implement in your eCommerce business to improve its performance, [...]

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February 19 2016

Free, SaaS or enterprise CRM? This is not the right question!

  Every company that makes up their mind to use a CRM system faces a difficult choice: should we go for a popular SaaS solution or implement a robust and customized system from the likes of Oracle or Microsoft? Or perhaps a free CRM system makes for the best start? In this article, we're [...]

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