October 20 2017

Polcode at Frontend-Con 2017—Our Take on the Conference

Wojtek is currently developing his ReactJS skills so most of the lectures he attended during Frontend-Con 2017 were revolving around this subject. Vasyl, on the other hand, is mastering his Angular knowledge, thus naturally choosing lectures tackling Angular. But in between getting to know [...]

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May 9 2017

Angular 2: to code or not to code?

Angular 2 is Google’s powerful TypeScript-based framework designed to build applications and websites. It allows developers to create highly-functional cross-platform apps. Angular 2 is not an upgrade to AngularJS—it’s been completely rewritten and both versions are still officially [...]

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December 29 2016

Which should I learn – Angular 2 or React?

Angular 2 is becoming more and more popular with developers. On the other hand, React is a tool just about any front-end guy and gal is familiar with. Out of the many front-end frameworks available on the market, these two seem to be the most popular. Though, the question is, which one is [...]

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